• Any recommendations for music to sing during the Sprinkling Rite at Easter Vigil?
  • ryandryand
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    Probably the Asperges
  • Nequaquam! (Cf. Graduale Romanum, p. 198) Antiphona Vidi Aquam decantatur ad aspersionem.

    If you want an alternatim setting, I recommend Ravanello's Vidi Aquam
  • If you're from an "average" American parish, you most likely use the OCP missalettes. There's a decent setting called "I Saw Water Flowing" by Randall DeBruyn in there. It's one of the only good pieces of ritual music in those hymnals.
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  • Definitely the Vidi Aquam.
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  • Richard MixRichard Mix
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    Cpdl and some other settings are listed here; please feel free to list others!
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    Numerous settings of the Sprinkling Rite can be found HERE.

    Versions by Fr. Samuel Weber, ICEL, NOH, etc.
  • Mike R
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    JMO, is option 1 for the Asperges (not Vidi aquam...already have that) online anywhere for congregation? All I see is the organ version.

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  • henry
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    I Saw Water Flowing by Michael Ward (WLP) is very nice.
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    Hello, Mike R !

    Currently, it appears in the Vatican II Hymnal, along with numerous other settings of the Sprinkling.
  • benedictgal
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    I did the first setting from the Vatican II hymnal at my dad's parish. At my parish, I cringed when they used "One Spirit, One Church."
  • canadashcanadash
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    We sang the "I Saw Water" that is in the new Canadian missal. It is much too short for our parish. I'm not sure that I liked the silence on Easter Sunday. I think the Vidi Aquam would also be too short here. Here is something for me to think about/research for next year.
  • The Vidi Aquam can be extended ad libitum by singing the verses of Psalm 117, and then a GP, between repetitions of the antiphon.
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  • PaixGioiaAmorPaixGioiaAmor
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    We used a beautiful choral setting by Ian Quinn, published by GIA. It's worth learning.
  • benedictgal
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    The Vatican II setting was well received by the faithful. The celebrant seemed happy with it.
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  • redsox1
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    We used Leo Nestor's "I Saw Water." Great setting with Alleluia (Surgit in Haec Dies) as the refrain.
  • jpal
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    We used the I Saw Water on p. 99 of the Vatican II Hymnal, which is more than adequately extendable. However, I second redsox1 on Dr. Nestor's arrangement.
  • Heath
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    Friends, how would I go about acquiring Dr. Nestor's "I Saw Water"? Google isn't turning up much for me . . .
  • redsox1
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    For years it was "floating around." I worked for Leo so that's how I got my copy. It is now available in Worship IV. I'm wondering if GIA might be planning on selling it separately as an octavo. It wouldn't hurt to call them and inquire as they now hold the copyright.
  • CGM
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    There are good, and pretty straightforwad, four-voice settings of the Vidi Aquam by Spanish polyphonists Victoria and Morales, both written in four short sections (antiphon, verse, Gloria Patri, partial repeat of antiphon), so you can repeat or stop as needed.

    This year at my parish we did a really amazing setting from the Lambeth Choirbook for SATTB. Just the first "Vidi" is 90 measures, though - you gotta have a pretty big sanctuary for that much music/sprinkling.
  • I've been doing the Asperges Me