Simple Motet for the Sacred Heart
  • Hugh
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    Attached is an attractive but simple & easy to learn 16th century-style 3 part motet for the Feast of the Sacred Heart, composed by the Australian Sacred Heart Missionary the late Fr Tom Luby, M.S.C. - in the 1950s I believe.

    It's written for TBB (male choir), but can be swapped around easily for any group. Quite short, but we sing it twice through & that works.

    "Ametur ubique terrarum Cor Jesu Sacratissimum in aeternum!"

    "May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be everywhere loved, forever!"

    - the motto of the M.S.C.s

    Say a prayer for the repose of the good Fr Luby's soul if you use it.


    Hugh Henry
    Melbourne, Australia
  • JDE
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    Okay, I admit it --

    I was prepared to go pedantic over the spelling because I thought you meant to title it "Amateur Choir." Imagine my embarrassment . . .

    Thanks for the repertoire! We may use this next year.
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    Thanks, Hugh. Now if I can just get my altos to read the bass clef. I'm always annoyed that everyone doesn't read treble and bass until I try to read something in alto or tenor. Then I'm properly humbled.
  • mjballoumjballou
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    Came across this in my files. And thank goodness, I remembered where it came from. So I could add the composer's name.
  • mjballoumjballou
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    Hugh - I've now done this little motet up in Sibelius for SSA. However, I'd like to have your full name to add to the notes. And did you know Fr. Luby. I looked up the M.S.C.s in Australia, so I can tell my singers generally about them, but they (and I) are always happy to know more.

    This will be a charmer for a priest I know - and help the group perfect their intonation.

  • don roy
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    this is wonderful. my male chant schola hasnt done any part work and thisa is not too difficult. seeing as how my church is dedicated to the sacred heart this motet is perfect!
  • mjballoumjballou
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    I've had a couple of requests for the SSA arrangement of this - and I'm happy to share.

    Soooo - if you're of a more retiring nature but would like this tiny motet for your females, just drop me an email and I'll send it along.
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  • don roy
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    i started rehearsing this with my men tonight. They picked it up fairly quickly and the piece sounds marvelous.
  • mjballoumjballou
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    This popped up in my radar again a couple of weeks ago. I'd done an SSA arrangement, but never had the opportunity to use this tiny motet. The moment has come - and it will be perfect! We'll be singing it as a prelude for Cantorae St. Augustine's June 8th Vespers at the Shrine of La Leche in St. Augustine. It's very simple and very lovely. You'd like a PDF of the little gem, drop me an email.
  • musicman923
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    I play at a parish called Sacred Heart and would be interested in using this piece this year. Let me know how I can see a PDF file or if you could email me the score!
  • hartleymartin
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    Thanks - This motet looks like something that will be useful for a votive mass I'm doing later this year.
  • On the repertoire page of my 'repertoire resource' website, I have both the SAB and MJ's SSA arrangements with organ reduction: Resource Files then look down toward the bottom of the screen and you will see "Fr. Tom Luby".

    There is nothing fancy about this page--it's just a place to put scores and practice files (MIDI, Scorch, wav) for my choirs. The Scorch file should print, but if it does not, let me know and I will fix it or send you the pdf directly.

    My schola and my home parish choir both like this piece very much (and the parish is Sacred Heart). We have discovered that, for our pastor, Ametur fills the post-Asperges/Vidi vesting time very nicely, among other uses.
  • JulieCollJulieColl
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    Love the video and the recordings, and thanks for access to all the great resources, Patricia. I can't wait to do this with my children's schola. I was thinking that if an alternatim chant was needed with the Ametur, the responsory Tollite jugum meum seems to be a good fit with a starting pitch of G.

    Tollite jugum meum attached.
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