Nuptial Mass chant (EF, semiology)
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    do we have any adiastematic sources for Nuptial Mass (Extraordinary Form)? It seems that IN. "Deus Israel" and CO. "Ecce sic benedicetur" are somehow newer...
  • dvalerio
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    Both appear for the first time in the Vatican Edition (1908). Dom Pothier's Liber Gradualis (1883, 1895) and Dom Mocquereau's Liber Usualis (1903) have different chants.
  • RobertRobert
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    According to John Boe in his article "The Roman Missa sponsalicia," Plainsong and Medieval Music (2002), 11 : pp 127-166, Pothier's source for the music of the introit and communion in the Vatican Edition was the St-Yrieux gradual (Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France Lat. 903), which would be heightened Aquitaine neumes. Unfortunately there does not appear to be an online digital manuscript.
  • Thanks for your tips! St-Yrieix ("Y") was published in "Paléographie musicale", vol. XIII. I'll try to get the fragment.
  • Gilbert
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    Were adiastematic sources for the nuptial chants, particularly "Deus Israel" ever found? I have been searching for that one in particular.