Catholic Christmas Gift
  • Hi all, my apologies for the commercial post, but my friend and colleague David Athey has a new novel available about a man who discovers the Eucharist. Makes a perfect gift for the season.


    Young Christopher Lagorio sees the grandeur of God in the vast Minnesota sky, and in its cold lakes and dark forests. When a Catholic girl introduces him to the Eucharist, Christopher falls in love with her and with the mystery of the Church, but lacks sufficient faith to convert.

    Haunted by the heavenly, yet born of this earth, Chris grows toward manhood seeking to discover and become worthy of the perfect girl, but yearning even more to satisfy his God-hunger.

    Page by page, mystery by mystery, adventure after adventure, and with ever- growing urgency, Christopher struggles to see the Light that is ever ancient and ever new, and finally to hear the Song that is beyond human language.

    A modern love story and a quest for the Holy Grail, Christopher is a tribute to genuine love and to the Faith that shaped the best of our Western Civilization.