Getting people to listen - using copyright and new chant/music sources
  • We could use a wiki about copyright....and about available new music.

    We could all take from that and offer a workshop for church musicians in our diocese about copyright law, how to observe it, how to stay within it. And then offer a singing workshop over some of the new music in chant for the mass and propers.

    The copyright workshop would bring them in....who really wants to be responsible for a parish breaking the law?

    With the talents of those on the group (and their willingness to share) we could easily develop a nice little booklet that explained copyright and included examples of music and sources for Creative Commons 3.0 and copyright-free music.
  • chonakchonak
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    A fine idea, FNJ.

    There is a guide to copyright for church musicians on the net, but it's presented by the Music Publishers Association, so it's strong on warnings about what must not be done, and short on information about what usage rights are protected by law. I think we need something that reflects musicians' interests.
  • francis
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    Yes, desperately needed.
  • true.

    btw, we've made massive progress on this front in the last year. Many skeptics are now wholly convinced.