• I will be singing at a funeral Mass tomorrow and am in desperate need of an mp3 of In Paradisum, as I cannot read music. The simpler the better. Thank you, in advance.
  • Just emailed it to you, hopefully it helps, I just now made it with the help of my fifth graders.
  • Thank you, bgeorge!
  • The music went well. I chose the SEP Introit and Communion Antiphon and In Paradisum (with loads of thanks to bgeorge and his wonderful students). For the recessional, I chanted the Canticle of Simeon and then Jerusalem, My Happy Home.

    The family was pleased with the music, as was the funeral director. He had never heard of the SEP and will be reviewing them!! He said that it beat the usual fare ("Be Not Afraid", "Eagles' Wings", and "Here, I Am").

    Unfortunately, the Mass itself was problematic because the celebrant played fast and loose with the rubrics. Lamentably, this does no one any good as it cheats the deceased out of a proper burial according to the rites of the Church.
  • I'm happy for your success, BG.