Christmas 2011 Asperges Me
  • Question:

    Is the Asperges Me to be sung on Sunday December 25th this year as it falls on a Sunday?

    Thank you
  • Thus saith Fortescue: "By universal Church law, in all cathedral and collegiate churches the ceremony of sprinkling the clergy and people with lustral water should take place before the chief Mass on Sundays."

    It seems to me Asperges would be done on Christmas this year. Definitely check with the clergy about it, and let them determine which is the principal Mass, one of the Sunday morning ones, or would Asperges be done at Midnight Mass?
  • I don't remember where I read it, but the Aspersion takes place before the third Mass, the Missa in Die (Puer natus est nobis).
  • Protasius, the reliable Andrew Mills in Psallite Sapienter concurs with you:
    "There are three Mass formularies for Christmas; each has its own proper chants. The Gloria and Credo are sung at all Masses. The Asperges rite does not take place unless Christmas Day be a Sunday, in which case it would precede the third Mass only. ..."