Anglican Use Gradual vs. By Flowing Waters
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    Just got back from an Evensong rehearsal with an Anglican choir. Ah, the language ...
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    Just one small grammatical point; "Thy" and "Thine" are not grammatical equals. While the observation of nouns starting with a vowel is correct, "Thy" is strictly an adjective; "Thine" is also a possesive case pronoun. I'm sorry if this is off topic.
  • Looks like BFW is no longer available via googlebooks.

    Well, I needed to buy a copy anyway!

  • Chris - The Latin Scholar in me agrees with you.

    I find the AUG useful for simpler chants when I'd rather not be sight-reading for mass. I also regularly use the offertory from the AUG just before the offertory motet. The inner liturgy nerd wants to have all the chants there, even if only in token.

    Take for example, the offertory, which is often found on Marian Feasts and memorials:

    "Hail Mary, full of grace, the LORD is with thee: blessed art thou among women, alleluia."

    The Chant from the Anglican Use Gradual is nice and simple, and the English isn't too foreign, as most people (well over here anyway) still use the archaic English when praying the Hail Mary.

    I did modify it by using the text from the SEP (Luke 1:34-38) when I didn't have a motet ready (nor much of a schola that day either!) And it qas quite successful.
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    I started using the propers with the AUG... it was very successful. We did the Offertory and Communion for a whole year, although without Psalm verses, and then did a hymn. We then moved onto the SEP. See my latest post about propers for more about this subject.