English translation "Angelus pacis Michael"
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    I am looking for a metrical english translation of the Vesper hymn for September 29, Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, Archangels.
  • Here is a metrical translation of the Vesper hymn Angelus Pacis- formerly called Christe Sanctorum Decus Angerlorum in the ANTIPHONALE MONASTICUM and the old ANTIPHONALE ROMANUM. This is a text of a well known hymn "Christ the Fair Glory", the metrical translation of "Angelus Pacis" starts with verse two. What formerly was the first verse in the latin (Christe Sanctorum...") looks to have been re-written for the new LIBER HYMNARIUS and used as a final verse, with a reference to the Trinity, thus the new latin version starts with "Angelus pacis..." The second to the last verse in honor of Our Lady, is not found in the LH, but is traditional. Hope this helps!

    Christ, the fair glory of the holy angels,
    thou who hast made us, thou who o'er us rulest,
    grant of thy mercy unto us thy servants
    steps up to heaven.

    Send thine archangel Michael to our succor;
    peacemaker blessèd, may he banish from us
    striving and hatred, so that for the peaceful
    all things may prosper.

    Send thine archangel Gabriel, the mighty;
    herald of heaven, may he, from us mortals,
    spurn the old serpent, watching o'er the temples
    where thou art worshiped.

    Send thine archangel Raphael, the restorer
    of the misguided ways of men who wander,
    who at thy bidding strengthens soul and body
    with thine anointing.

    May the blest mother of our God and Savior,
    may the assembly of the saints in glory,
    may the celestial companies of angels
    ever assist us.

    Father Almighty, Son, and Holy Spirit,
    God ever blessèd, be thou our preserver;
    thine is the glory which the angels worship,
    veiling their faces.
  • This is the translation used in The Hymnal 1940, where it appears at #123 with the first tune being the Sarum plainsong "Christe sanctorum" and the second the strong and wonderful "Coelites plaudant". My Anglicans (my work church) love this hymn and really dislike the fact that it only comes up once a year (although, since the older youth all attend St. Michael's Conference, I also put in it the first Sunday in August after their return from the conference).