ASPERGES ME: Is it used in the Novus Ordo Mass ?
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    Just because something is "florid" does not mean it was written for the sole purpose that cantors are able to show off. Liturgical Music is (should be) written with an inclination toward the greater glory of God. If it happens that a good singer is required to execute it, so be it. Just because someone is a good singer and happens to sing well this "florid" piece of music, does not make them a show off.
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    The Asperges Me, Domine can be sung on any Sunday. In the NO it replaces the Penetential Rite. Start the Mass with the Introit as usual (the Priest enters already vested in Cope, he incenses the Altar whilst the Introit is being sung, then he begins the ritual of blessing and salting the water, he then starts the AMDomine. The Gloria follows. I propose that during Advent and Lent the simple setting of AMDomine is used. Regarding use of the organ herewith: whilst it is often said that plainchant does not require the organ, that was ok pre-Vatican 2, and even in those times the congregation did have some parts to sings. With increased importance now placed upon congregation being able to assist in the singing and, the usual shortage of singers these days, the organ does encourage them, so, I suggest using the organ - including during Advent and Lent.
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    Some folks think that their congregations are incapable of singing without organ even when led by a good strong cantor. I've never found that to be the case.
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