Colloquium Registration Update
  • AOZ
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    At present there are seven spots remaining at Colloquium. These are spots for those who don't plan to stay on campus. Tuition and meals only.

    There are no dorm rooms left at this time. We have started a waiting list in case any dorm rooms open up over the next few days.

    Registration and payment deadline is tomorrow, May 15.
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    whoo hoo!
  • Kathy
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    I never did get a good post-game last year, regarding pub crawl options in Pittsburgh.

    But I've been told by a native that there are good hills for hiking right around campus. Does this sound correct?
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    Does everyone realize how absolutely astounding this news is ??

    The fact that the Colloquium is filled at this early date is ... 100% remarkable and thrilling.
  • marajoymarajoy
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    by when has it been filled in past years?
  • kevinfkevinf
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    A new job and my book on Tournemire prevents me from this year's offering. But I will be there next year. Everyone have fun.
  • BruceL
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    In Pittsburgh, like most towns built on the banks of the Monongahela, you only need leave your doorstep to find hiking hills! I can't remember if we're allowed to hyperlink, but...
  • Charles in CenCA
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    Pub-crawl on south side of the rivers, big time, K.