Kevin Allen concert in St. Louis, MO...this evening!
  • BruceL
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    This evening, we're fortunate to have Kevin Allen conducting a concert of his own choral music at the St. Louis Abbey just outside of St. Louis, MO. The abbey's parish, St. Anselm, is sponsoring this concert of Kevin's Marian sacred music in honor of the month of May. St. Anselm's director of music and organist, Dr. Andrzej Zahorski, will also present some of Mr. Allen's organ music on the church's 1967 Hradetzky organ. It is always a privilege to have the composer conducting his own works, and I know Kevin is excited about this concert and very positive about what he has heard from the choir.

    The concert is at 7:30PM and is free (donations are accepted, of course): come if you happen to be around...and like late notice! If you need further information, please email the address in my profile.

    PS-If it's too late for you to come, I heard from a little bird that there may even be one of our own illustrious members recording this concert for posterity...