New Music for Colloquium due May 12
  • AOZ
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    Deadline is a little early this year, so you'd better get on it...

    If you have a piece of music you would like to submit for possible performance by the group at large at the session, please send it to in PDF format (limited to 15 pages) by May 12, 2011. Your submission will be published in the New Music Session 2011 packet. You must be a registered participant of the Colloquium in order to have your work included. There is a $20 submission fee, payable via paypal or by check to our programs office: CMAA Programs, 166 North Gay St., #19, Auburn, AL 36830.
  • JDE
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    Bumping because the deadline is next Thursday, 12 May. Please send in your submissions as soon as you can.
  • noel jones, aagonoel jones, aago
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    There has to be some apprehension to submitting music to be sung, I know that I felt it and did not submit anything for the session last year as a result. So, please read on.

    I encourage anyone who might be interested in submitting music to visit and listen to the audio of that session. People are very supportive, welcoming and encouraging at the session and it is a very great place to try out your music and get exposure. I know that all of the composers who submitted last year rose in my appreciation for them as a result of singing their music.

    I'm still kicking myself for not submitting anything.

    Carl Dierschow has done a great service getting these and all the recordings up and posted, thanks again, Carl.
  • Carl DCarl D
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    Thanks, Frogger.

    I'll also point out that recordings from the previous two years' new composition sessions are also available here: 2009 and 2008. Make sure to scroll way down on each page, to Saturday.

    And yes, everyone, please screw up your courage to put something forward - even if it's half finished. It's an incredible learning experience! One of these years ...

  • JDE
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    Bumping because the deadline is Thursday, 12 May. Keep those submissions coming!