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    As promised, here is a recording of the Neume Song. I use the Neume Song as an interactive tool to teach chant beginners how to read the music. We use a simple rhythm "melody" (if you can call it that) to learn their functionality. I have had good success with the technique.

    I developed this method after the class failed its first test on the subject, which was merely identifying the neumes by sight. Once we did this, they all passed with flying colors and were able to follow the music a lot better.

    These are my Juniors, and they had done it before many times. In fact they were the first class that I tried this with back in the Fall. But...we acted as if they hadn't for this example.

    When you hear them changing between different neumes, that is my pointing to them on the chalk board. Usually I stop the class, teach them the new neume, and then have them return to the Punctum rhythm before continuing. Then I allow class members to come up to the board to point to the individual neumes, which is always a hoot. The students get a good kick out of trying to fool their classmates.

    Here is the link to the file:
    Neume Song Example!
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    Hey this is wonderful and fun!