What are OF rubrics on the Sprinkling Rite
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    I know that the sprinkling rite has a puzzling status in the OF (the Asperges isn't even in the Missal!) but in the EF the sprinkling is only for Sunday at the main parish Mass and only one Mass. It replaces nothing. It is an addition.

    But the OF GIRM 56 says: On Sundays, especially in the Season of Easter, in place of the customary Act of Penitence, from time to time the blessing and sprinkling of water to recall Baptism may take place.

    At all Masses? Never at the so-called vigil? And what does "especially" in Easter really mean? And can we really truly be sure that if there is a sprinkling there can be no Kyrie? This seems kind of goofy.
  • ClemensRomanusClemensRomanus
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    In the the English language Missal (Sacramentary), the Rite of Blessing and Sprinkling Holy Water if found in Appendix I:

    "1. The rite of blessing and sprinkling holy water may be celebrated in all churches and chapels at all Sunday Masses celebrated on Sunday or on Saturday evening.

    When this rite is celebrated it takes the place of the penitential rite at the beginning of Mass. The Kyrie is also omitted."
  • ClemensRomanusClemensRomanus
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    I forgot to add that there are antiphons and prayers for both the Easter Season and Ordinary Time.
  • Jeffrey TuckerJeffrey Tucker
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    Thank you, Saturday evening is permissible. But no Asperges right?
  • chonakchonak
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    The Asperges is in the Missal -- at least in the Latin 2002 MR -- at paragraph #4 of that appendix which ClemensRomanus mentioned.
  • Steve CollinsSteve Collins
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    This is one that drives me nuts! The total lack of logic in the NO is simply mind-boggling!

    You CANNOT just simply sprinkle the people before Mass with whichever chant. No!

    At the Great Vigil every parish blessed a large font of water - enough to last for at least half the Easter Season, even with natural evaporation.

    Then EVERY Sunday is EASTER again - not Sundays in or after - continued celebration of Easter. OK. That's a good thing, but:

    If you want to have the Sprinkling Rite, you have to bless more water and more salt each and every celebration of Easter - for seven weeks - and leave out the opening parts of the Mass. Maddening! Simply maddening!

    Thank God and Pope Benedict for the EF Mass to counterbalance the OF lunacy!
  • Claire H
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    Reviving this thread to ask: Does anyone know what the New Missal says about the Penitential Act/Sprinkling Rite question? I'd like to do both on Easter and throughout the Season, but need to know if that's permissible...
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    The Roman Missal clearly says that the Sprinkling Rite may replace the Penitential Act, not supplement it. See the Sprinkling Rite on p. 1453ff. Item 1 states:

    On Sundays, especially in Easter Time, the blessing and sprinkling of water as a memorial of Baptism may take place from time to time in all churches and chapels, even in Masses anticipated on Saturday evenings.
    If this rite is celebrated during Mass, it takes the place of the usual Penitential Act at the
    beginning of Mass.

    Item 5 contains a penitential reference when the Priest says:

    May almighty God cleanse us of our sins,
    and through the celebration of this Eucharist
    make us worthy to share at the table of his Kingdom.

    After the people respond "Amen" the Gloria (when prescribed) follows immediately.
  • The following is the footnote to the Penitential Rite in the Order of Mass in the Roman Missal, 3rd edition:

    From time to time on Sundays, especially in Easter Time, instead of the customary Penitential Act, the blessing and sprinkling of water may take place (as in Appendix II, pp. 1453-1456) as a reminder of Baptism.
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Thanks, Adam. I forgot to add that reference, too. It seems clear that only one or the other of the Penitential Act or the Sprinkling Rite may be used.
  • mahrt
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    Here is a contradiction in the Missal: it prescribes that the Kyrie is omitted after the sprinkling rite, but in another place, it says after describing the penitential rite and its options, the Kyrie is always said.
  • SkirpRSkirpR
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    Despite the Penitential Act and Kyrie being given two separate but adjacent sections in the GIRM, I feel the OF Missal still considers the Kyrie to be a part of the Penitential Act. Therefore if the Penitential Act is ommitted, so is the Kyrie, which is "always said" (as part of the Penitential Act).
  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    I've leaned towards this interpretation, too, and hadn't realized there is apparently some considerable doubt. I wish it was made clear.
  • marajoymarajoy
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    I'm inclined toward Skirp's interpretation. There seems to be some ambiguity about "when" the Kyrie is "included" in the penitential rite. (see my recent post about the wedding gloria...)