Entrance Antiphons for Congregation and Schola/Cantor
  • Anyone looking for yet another way to introduce Propers to modern congregations may be interested in my collection of Entrance Antiphons, available for PDF download at Lulu.com. These English settings of the Introits for Sundays and Solemnities are basically responsorial Psalms. The modal refrains are condensed versions of the Graduale and/or Missal texts, with melodies derived from simple chant antiphons. The verses use tones loosely based on the Invitatory tones of the Liber Hymnarius, which are slightly more elaborate than standard psalm tones. I'm still working with the old Grail texts. Samples for Ash Wednesday and the Sundays of Lent are attached.

    Richard Rice
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    Fantastic! We've been using seasonal antiphons from BFW, so I think it would be an easy transition for our congregation to start using these as well. I can tell you, though, that even with the short singable refrains, the PIPs will be asking to see the music. Any plans for an assembly edition?
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    Maestro Rice is to be commended for his tremendous achievement!

    I just wrote a BLOG about this new & fantastic collection.
  • Congregational responses attached.
  • I really appreciate the settings for the verses. There is finesses in the placement of the accents and the the use of two different couplets match the logic of the text.- something that we miss in the traditional psalm tones.
    I have learned to depend on you for great antiphons- or for inspirations when I need to create one that is more than just functional.
    Too much good music and not enough time! Thank you for your great work.
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    Richard, these are really fantastic. I can't wait to start using them. I didn't see a reprint permission in the assembly edition nor how you would like the copyright notice to appear. Would you please clarify?
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    I used these throughout Lent and the Easter season at all of our English Masses, and I have to say they are going over like gangbusters. Something I've had to work hard against is a notion among the PIPs, especially when it concerns children from the parish school. that "we can't sing this because we don't know it." This is obviously not the case, since the same congregations are capable of singing the responsorial psalm every week, but they see the words in their missalettes and have come to expect a short phrase for them to repeat after a cantor. Bringing Entrance antiphons back after the systematic replacement of propers with hymns and songs was a challenge, but this past Sunday people at every Mass were "sing[ing] out with a voice of joy," and it truly was a joy to hear.

    Having spent Ordinary Time of Year C and the beginning of Year A repeating the Entrance antiphons from By Flowing Waters probably helped prepare them for this experience. I also think being able to include text and music in their programs (I refuse to do the musical versions of the responsorial psalms in our missalette, so they have text only for that) has made a big difference.

    I really can't endorse these settings enough. They are functional without being banal, they can be sung as effectively with or without accompaniment (which allowed me to underscore the difference between Lent and Easter antiphons, in case anyone missed the addition of an Alleluia to the latter), and require no more resources than a single cantor to lead the singing (although at our choir Masses the cantor alternates verses with the schola at the first double bar).

    With the Simple English Propers and Laudate Dominum Antiphons now available online, I can imagine that we will soon be singing the offertories and communion antiphons as well.