Liber Usualis - edition 1961
  • Is this book out of print?

    Most of the bookshops carry earlier editions, but i would like the 1961.

    Links or site references are appreciated.

    I am aware of the online versions hosted here.


  • Your best bet at this point is searching for the 1961 Liber through rare and used booksellers.
    It took me some time, but that's how I got mine (pub. by Desclee) two years ago. Thats also how others I know with this edition have come by it.

    As a DoM at an FSSP parish, the later edition has been indispensable to me, as it contains the reformed Holy Week and English rubrics.

    I wish I had links for you, but I will ask schola members tonight, as a few of them have managed to also get this edition and they might have links
  • What is the date on most of the reprints?
  • rich_enough
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    You can purchase new reprints of the 1962 Liber Usualis from Preserving Christian Publications ($98) and the St. John Cantius webstore (near the bottom of the page - $99).

    Sam Schmitt
  • All,

    Sorry I did not mention I was looking for new printing, I have a used 1952 which I got on ebay

    MIchael - Most of the ones I have seen are 1952, and published by St. Bonaventure Publications.

    Rich_enough - thanks I will check out St. John's webstore.

  • Simon
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    Our choir has 20-25 copies of the LU that we never use. Maybe there's a 1961 (all have latin rubrics though) among them. I'll have a look Saturday if you want.
  • Simon, contact me as well if you find one. moconnor09 AT
  • Simon,

    I might be interested in one or two for fellow choir members, please contact david.deavy AT

  • Simon
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    Michael, David,

    Missed Saturday. Will check the LUs on Wednesday evening and get back here by Thursday.

  • There are also plenty of copies at
  • Simon
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    Checked the LUs in our cupboard. None are from 1961. However two are from 1964 - I would think they have the same content as those in 1961 but I'm not sure. Anybody have any insight in this?
  • Simon,

    I understand the content would be basically the same as the 1961. But the 1964 might be the 780 version (Introduction and Rubrics in Latin), as opposed to the 801 version. (Introduction and Rubrics in English).

    Though I am no expert on the Liber.

  • For the 801, there are 1963, 1962, 1961, 1959 and earlier editions. The 1964 editions I've seen listed online (which I haven't examined) were always indicated as 780, or in Latin. Not sure why the focus on 1961 edition of the 801 since it doesn't have the revisions to the buriel service promulgated with the 1962 Missale Romanum and which are included in the 1962 and 1963 editions.