J. Robert Carroll's Defense of Solesmes (article)
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    http://www.ccwatershed.org/blog/2010/nov/23/j-robert-carroll-defense-solesmes/" target="_blank">This article by J. Robert Carroll really irritated Msgr. Frank Schmitt.

    The opposition to the Solesmes editions which is being raised today is a feeble reflection of the furore raised in the early years. Highly distinguished scholars, among them Gastoué, Houdard, Dechevrens, Wagner, Jeannin and others, wrote more powerful and more thoroughly documented articles than have appeared recently. Whole volumes were devoted to this debate. It was, therefore, in the light of much adverse criticism that the Solesmes editions became popular. It was very quickly apparent after the publication of the "pure" Vatican edition (without supplementary rhythmic signs of any kind) that the average church choir would never produce convincing or artistic chant without some additional aid. The Solesmes editions, as no others before or since, have supplied this aid.