Director of Sacred Music, Port Clinton, OH
  • Quoted from the source:

    Immaculate Conception Church is seeking a part-time director of sacred music to replace [outgoing director of 20 years]. The successful candidate will be a practicing Roman Catholic with strong interpersonal skills who will oversee the parish liturgical music ministries, direct adult choir, train cantors, plan music and assist at liturgies.

    Candidates may apply by sending a resume and cover letter to:

    Sacred Music Search Committee
    c/o the Rev. John Missler
    414 Madison St.
    Port Clinton, OH 43452.

    Here is the church's website, and its four listed music ministries:
    - Cantors
    - IC Choir
    - IC Ensemble (contemporary ensemble)
    - Memorial Choir (funerals)
  • I wonder if Jobs should be posted here rather than on the main site. Any opinions?
  • I think this forum would receive more traffic, making such postings more visible; besides, the link on the MusicaSacra web page can be modified to point to the Job Openings category.

    That said, I wonder if a job position should be an open discussion topic or not...
  • Isn't there already a category at the main page called, "Jobs"?

    The question of whether a job posting should be an open topic for discussion aside, some of the job postings I've seen both here and at the "Jobs" section have made me curious. I have read them, and in some cases visited their websites to get a better impression of the parish. It's my own prejudice perhaps, but I have to wonder out loud why a church would post a position that includes a contemporary ensemble among the responsibilities of the job, on a website that holds as one of its basic philosophies the notion that contemporary music is antithetical to the liturgy.

    I know that because of my past (and even current) experiences and difficulties in parishes with a contemporary music component, any future job search will by definition exclude from consideration any listing where words such as, "vibrant", "dynamic", "diverse" or phrases like "firmly rooted in the reforms of Vatican II" or "candidate will be well-versed in both traditional and contemporary music of the church" appear.
  • We've redirected the jobs link to this category on the forum so that parishes can post them.
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    I do not think each job posting should have it's own thread for open discussion. A blogger's personal opinion
    should not be confused with a goals of this organization. Case in point: the comments above.

    Suggestion: Post jobs here but closed to discussion.
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    Sorry if this is off-topic, but David, some of us have learned to use the buzz words in a way that might be considered subversive to those responsible for their virus-like spread ;-)
    When ever anyone tells me they belong to a "Vatican Two" parish I say, wonderful, than you give Gregorian chant pride of place and preserve the use of Latin as prescribed by the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy?
    And the two most "progressive" people I've met in the Church are Fr Phillips and Dr Mahrt.
    And I am always looking to use more "contemporary" music, Lauridsen, D Hurd, Ostrowski, Biery... ;-)
  • G- Well put!

    Jan- While my comment regarding contemporary ensembles "in the mix" of a job may not be applicable for the position at this particular church, I think the question is worth broader discussion and consideration, for both sides of the equation, i.e., those who post job openings, and those who consider applying for a position.

    And, my comments can hardly be confused with "the goals of this organization," which can be easily found by clicking on the "Join the CMAA" tab on the main page:

    "The Church Music Association of America is an association of Catholic musicians, and those who have a special interest in music and liturgy, active in advancing Gregorian chant, Renaissance polyphony, and other forms of sacred music, including new composition, for liturgical use.The CMAA’s purpose is the advancement of musica sacra in keeping with the norms established by competent ecclesiastical authority."
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    david andrew

    I agree with you. Glad you are able to make my suggestion clearer.

    As you said 'comment(s) regarding (issues) of a job may not be applicable for the position at (that) particular church.' I am sure we all wish to encourage potential employers to post as many jobs as possible on our website.
    There are many members of this organization who are able to work in complicated work environments and effect change in the direction which reflects the goals of this organization (albeit not without difficulty).

    Suggestion: We post jobs without a long running trail of dialogue which may or may not be applicable to that
    particular job.

    The issues you bring up r/t discouraging job environments is certainly 'worth broader discussion and consideration.'

    Suggestion: We have a new thread where job-related issues may be thoroughtly discussed & followed by all.

    Thanks again david andrew for helping me clarify my last comment.