Pitch in for Propers
  • Please read this and see what technology makes possible and please pitch in to bring simple English propers to the whole world forever.
  • I am somewhat confused as to what the goal of the project is. To give Adam Bartlett an incentive?

    I assume Mr. Bartlett is ‘the engraver’ in this paragraph:
    When the goal is reached, we'll conclude the campaign. The money goes to the engraver and then he puts the entire work into the commons. We'll make it available for purchase too, at the exact cost of the paper and printing and no more. It's like a combination of how the great works of the Renaissance were accomplished combined with the merit of commercial drive.

    He is already putting the work into the commons (except for commercial uses). Would the money be used for the expenses for preparing the printed volume? Not that rewarding him for his work is a bad thing, I am just not entirely clear if that is “the point”.
  • Good question. It is not an incentive so much as a demonstration of the value of his work as composer and producer of the settings. He will put them in the commons as he is doing them but there campaign shows the need for completion and for them to be put into print and released into the commons as a package. Too much projects are started and stopped. This campaign and the release of the funds makes it a sure thing.
  • Look look! This campaign has already reach 20% of its goal!. Can you please chip in a bit? If we all do this, we can make the goal and make this happen.

    Importantly, all of this material will be put into the commons for YOUR USE!
  • Now the campaign is 2/3 complete, and it is not even two weeks since it was launched. It is especially thrilling to see many $5 and $10 contributions, less than a person would pay for the sheet music and yet effectively supporting these English propers to be made available forever to the world for free. This strikes me as a much better model than the conventional one in which one publisher keeps music under wraps, refuses to let anyone else touch it without permission, and effectively tricks the artist into going along on the promises of royalties that never arrive. Here it is not even two weeks, and we've raised 2/3 of a $5000 goal for this project.

    I can promise you that the results of this campaign are being watched very carefully.
  • Thanks to whomever suggested that $5 and $10 would help!
  • Oh my, we are at 92% !!!!!!

    who will finish this off?

  • Carl DCarl D
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    I am so, so delighted that this has reached its goal! By the way, was my donation tax-deductible?
  • The tax angle is the one sticking issue for this method of fundraising. Of course the money goes to the 501c3 CMAA but I don't know how that shakes out in terms of tax implications, since I'm not a lawyer.
  • Carl DCarl D
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    If it's going to a 501c3 then I feel justified in claiming the entire amount, especially as there's no direct product I'm getting back as a result. EVERYBODY benefits, of course, but that's the same with many other charitable causes.