Schoepf Mass in G
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    Obviously I can't tell if it's any good just by looking at it, but the Holy Face Hymnal has this "Fr. Schoepf's Mass in G" from 1891. The Mass is all in Soprano and Alto parts, I guess because it's a hymnal from the Sisters of Mercy or because it's for schoolkids, I don't know which.

    Anyway, in case there's any interest, that's another free Mass for folks.
  • It looks very interesting to me. But it really calls for an accompaniment, not just to fill in the parts, but the introductions, etc. Maybe some one with an old choir library has what we need to copy. Surely it's in PD by now.
  • Franz Schöpf, 1836-1915. Hoffmeister XIX gives publications from 1863-1892. It's unclear if this is the p. 30. Missa angelica No. 1 (G) [f. S., A., T. (ad lib.) B., with orch,] Augsburg, Maillinger Januar 1871.] or the Op. 46 Missa brevis in G (1875) or something else. There are at least 146 opus numbers.

    This would appear to be found in:
    Angelic harmonies for the Catholic morning and evening service : consisting of Schoepf's Easy mass in G : (text complete), for one, two, three or four voices, (alto, tenor and bass parts ad libitum) ; Caspar Ett's Popular requiem mass : (text complete and including the Libera), arranged for one or two voices, with organ accompaniment /
    Author: Schöpf, Franz,; Ett, Caspar, Publication: New York : J. Fischer, 1891 (Held by the University of Dayton)
    Unfortunately, U-D won't circulate it on OhioLink, or I would scan it and send it to you.

    It might also be in Der Land-Kirchenchor : Leicht ausführbare Compositionen auf die meisten im katholischen Kirchenjahre vorkommenden öffentlichen Gottesdienste (Augsburg, Böhm.) which is in the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek

    I checked for him in my favorite online music facsimile databases, and came up dry. He's not in MGG, or Grove 1st ed, or New Grove 2. This might not be great music, but it's clearly a part of our patrimony which is in danger of being lost forever.

    I do note however a recent republication: Erste Sonntags-Messe : für SAB (T ad lib.) und Orgel /
    Franz Schöpf, 2010
    Latin Musical Score : Printed music : Masses 1 score (18 p.) ; 30 cm.
    Bonn : Butz,

    Which is held by 5 American libraries (CINCINNATI, EMORY, NOTRE DAME, UNIV OF MISSOURI KANSAS CITY, UNIV OF N TEXAS) and 1 in Canada
  • I requested the Sontags-Messe through OhioLink and will let you know how it is when I get it. (Oberlin is also listed as having a copy in process.)
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    Ah, the Marian Library. That's the Rare Books/rare Marian book/Nativity set/Marian art/UD archive section of the UD Library. It's only open on weekdays, but they're very nice if you get there. Usually puzzled about your research goals, especially if your research goal is "I saw this cool book in the catalog and I want to read it", but a good crew. And there's plenty of Marian art to look at while you wait, and an extremely pleasant and beautiful study table area where you can work on materials.

    If the reprint turns out not to be the right Mass, let me know.
  • Nope, this one's in Eb, SAB with T ad lib. (Actually, originally in F: " Aufgrund gelegentlicher Höhen in Sopran und Tenor wurden alle Messesätze um einen Ganzton tiefer notiert.") Huge textual holes in the Gloria and Credo, only 2 statements of the Agnus (and no real provision to repeat the 1st or stick something else in). Style kind of 3-chord polyphony, easy enough to sing and kind of pleasant, but not a Haugen-slayer by any means.

    Forward-summary (rough translation): born in Girlan, South Tyrol 1836. Studied harmony and counterpoint with A, von Mayrl in Bozen, became a music teacher at the local Teachers College and from 1859 organist at Bozen Cathedral and leader of the local Caecilian Society. Wrote more than 50 Masses and numerous other sacred and secular choruses. HIs short masses were particularly beloved in 19th-early20th c. because they were easy. Erste-Sonntags-Messe Op. 10 first published by Universitätsverlag Wagner in Innsbruck, with either organ or orchestra.

    This publisher (Dr. J. Butz, Bonn) does a lot of 3 part masses (mostly 19th c. but some by living composers like Colin Mawby) as well as 4-part. There are some interesting-looking charts in the list. This isn't one of them.
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    Well, maybe I'll go shuffle over to UD some weekday soon -- might as well take a vacation day or half day before Indian summer's over.

    Nothing wrong with an easy Mass or two -- useful for beginners. And anything's better than that Unity Mass thing... brr!

    It'll be interesting to see if the textual stuff is lacking or is there.
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    I went over to UD. Alas, Angelic Harmonies doesn't include organ accompaniment for Schoepf's Mass in G, either. It's the back third of the Catholic Youth's Hymnal, and practically identical to the back third of the earlier Holy Face Hymnal from the same publisher. (Except a little less material.) They still want you to order the organ accompaniment for Schoepf from them.

    The Catholic Youth's Hymnal does have organ accompaniment for its hymns. It's mostly for training "juvenile choirs", so it's got a lot of non-liturgical Catholic songs, and some teaching songs to help kids memorize prayers and concepts. Some of it is in the Holy Face Hymnal, but much of it is different.

    It has a very interesting foreword, though.

    Search under Franz Scoop for his Masses.
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    You are magic, Frogman! Look what else I found -- Opus 39 by Schoepf -- Vocal-Messe. It's TTBB.

    Also, somebody today submitted Einstimmige Messe Nr 1 by Schoepf to the CPDL, but it hasn't shown up on the public pages yet.