Mass Inspiration: A Series of Talks on the Mass
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    Dear friends,

    I realize most of you live much to far away to come to this in person, but I want you to know the latest happenings with the Cathedral Chant School. These talks were coordinated for the edification of my schola members, but are open to the public at no charge. I plan to post talks online as they become available. Our first talk is this Wednesday. If you know people in the Peoria, IL area, please spread the word.

    Mass Inspiration: A Series of Talks on the Mass

    Talks will be hosted at the Spalding Center (419 NE Madison, Peoria 61603) at 8 PM on the following Wednesdays:

    September 29: Introduction to the Liturgy - Monsignor Stanley Deptula
    October 27: Introductory Rites - Father Christopher Layden
    December 1: Liturgy of the Word Part I - Father Paul Carlson
    January 26: Liturgy of the Word Part II - Father Paul Carlson
    February 16: Liturgy of the Eucharist Part I - Father Christopher Layden
    March 30: Liturgy of the Eucharist Part II - Father Robert Lampitt
    April 20: Concluding Rites - Father Robert Lampitt

    The Liturgy is an integral part of human existence. “ essential for the right kind of human existence in the world. It is so precisely because it reaches beyond everyday life. Worship gives us a share in heaven's mode of existence, in the world of God, and allows light to fall from that divine world into ours.” The Spirit of the Liturgy by Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Ch. 1

    The Liturgy has been the subject of much controversy and change in the last few decades. We will be receiving a new translation of the Roman Missal soon. This period of change calls for a renewed exploration of the wealth of the Liturgy.

    This year, the Cathedral Chant School, in conjunction with the Office of Divine Worship, will be hosting a series of talks exploring the parts of the Mass. Talks are open to the public, and free of charge. Talks will focus on the spiritual meaning behind points in the Mass, and delve into its symbolism and development, as well as its typological connections to scripture and other points in the Mass.

    Monsignor Stanley Deptula serves as a Vice-Chancellor and the Director of Divine Worship for the Diocese of Peoria, and is the Executive Director of the Archbishop Fulton John Sheen Foundation.

    Father Chris Layden has an S.T.L. in Liturgy and Sacraments from University of Saint Anselm in Rome. Father Layden sits on the Liturgical commission for the diocese and has published a number of articles on the Sacred Liturgy.

    Fr. Robert Lampitt has an S.T.L. in Liturgical Theology from the Pontifical University of the Holy Cross in Rome. He graduated magna cum laude while focusing on the relationship between the Mass and man's vocation to love God and neighbor.

    Fr. Paul Carlson was ordained a priest in the Diocese of Peoria just this year. He completed a baccalaureate degree in theology from the Gregorian University, and a master's degree in dogma from the University of St. Thomas Aquinas. See More
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    i am in awe at what you have accomplished. Congrats on effecting a miracle!
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    Thanks, Don. :) It's really happening because I have been put in the right place at the right time, and because I have a great passion for what I'm doing. And, of course, because of all the indispensible support I get from my CMAA friends. God is good.
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    It's wonderful!! You are truly blessed to have many priests who know about Mass in your area. I wish our priests here also put priority on Sacred Mass.
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    Thanks to Carl Dierschow, the first talk in this series, "Introduction to the Liturgy" is now on the web. It was given by Monsignor Deptula, our diocesan Director of Divine Worship just last Wednesday, and treats the sacramentality of the Liturgy. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find it.
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    Father Layden's talk, "The Introductory Rites", is now online at
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    Our last talk, on the Liturgy of the Eucharist, is now up. Thank you so much, Carl. See you all in Pittsburgh! :)
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    Congrats Angela on such fabulous work. Wonderful talks.