R. Rice Simple Choral Gradual
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    After looking through some (but perhaps not all) previous relevant posts, I cannot find links to a preview of Richard Rice's Simple Choral Gradual. The .pdf on the Musica Sacra home page is a link to the purchase website. Is it no longer available for preview, if it ever was? I'm trying to ascertain the difficulty of the music for a choir that typically sings music in 1 or 2 parts. Excerpts would be a great help.

    Thanks in advance.

    Edit: I seem to remember reading that some or all of the settings are SATB?
  • http://musicasacra.com/books/simplechoralgradual.pdf

    Yeah, it used to be available for free, but I think they started selling it about 2 or 3 weeks ago. If you download it, it's only $6!

    Everything I saw was SATB, but I haven't spent extensive time with it.
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    Ah, yes, thanks for pointing that out! I overlooked the download price.
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    It no longer appears to be available on Lulu (linked from the musicasacra website), neither for download nor hardcopy?

    Also: I'm not quite sure I understand how the Offertories work. Within each one there seems to be one line that has several verses, then another musical line that only has one line of text and one repeat sign.
    so, after which of the verses are you supposed to sing the final line?
  • Mara:

    All of them. A traditional way to sing the chanted Offertory from the Gradual is to sing through the whole thing, and if you added verses, to conclude each verse by singing the second half of the antiphon.

    Richard Rice has cleverly set his offertories so that the first "verse" is actually the first half of the antiphon. The final (usually metered) line is the second half of the antiphon. This way, you sing the text in the traditional way while keeping it musically simple.

    Maybe my question is for a different topic, or maybe it's even already been answered. Is Mr. Rice planning on re-setting the SCG under the new Missal translation? The offertories obviously don't need it, but it just occurred to me the other day that he was using the Missal texts for Communion, not from the Gradual.
  • Ok, I see now that Richard has actually taken this down even for purchase. I guess that means that I must even take down the PDF.
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