Getting a response to your posting.
  • There are a ton of people who read these postings and a limited number who post responses.

    However, I have found that posting my private email address in my profile has resulted in my getting some very helpful emails in response to my postings from people who for one reason or another are unwilling to submit their suggestions for open discussion or criticism.

    If you really want an answer, do consider posting your email address to your profile. It causes your postings to carry more weight but also provides a way for you to get a response outside of the public list.

    I find it useful for that reason myself.
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    It is much more difficult to take squatters seriously.
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    Actually, I sent an Email to the composer of a setting of 'O Sacrum Convivium' which was mentioned on this site last fall, to which the composer never replied, after inviting me to Email him. Perhaps it was the wrong address, altho' it wasn't sent back. I was disappointed as I wanted to see more music by him.

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    I believe that is Michael Lawrence. He goes by Lawrence on this forum.
  • Noel, you have convinced me; I will put my email address in my profile. Except I can't find any way to edit it. ???
  • Joseph,

    Click on your name.

    Then, in the left column click on Personal information.
  • Ach. Had to scroll down to find it.
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    Click on your name.

    Click on the banner blue button "Account"
    (especially useful for the infrequent posters who would have to hunt through posts to find their name)
  • I have a complete setting of the new USCCB text, very traditional in style,that Jeff Ostrowski of Corpus Christi Watershed is graciously posting to a new category. The music is in Finale but I don't know how to make these scores PDF. My computer guru (aka husband, Douglas) says we would need an expensive version of Adobe for this. I'm a techno-dinosaur who still writes music by hand. Can anyone help with how this can be done cheaply? Or done at all? Oddly, we have a MP3 of the Mass from last summer, got help from seminarians in local diocese, but have to sent scores by snail mail - how frustrating is that?

    Linda H. Simms, Music Director, St. Joseph Parish, Shelton CT my email is
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  • Yes, it's ludicrous that Finale cannot create pdfs naturally. You shouldn't have to buy Adobe Acrobat, though. Download and install a free pdf printer (such as this one, for Windows). It will set itself up as a sort of pseudo-printer, meaning that it shows up on Print menus, where you can select which printer to send a document to, alongside your laserjet or whatever. When you want to make a pdf of something -- from any program where you can print something out to paper -- just select the pdf printer instead, and it will "print" to a pdf file. I haven't tried it myself with Finale, but there's no reason it shouldn't work, and it ought to take you about five minutes to find out.
  • What do y'all mean, Finale can't do pdfs? It's had that capability for years. In the Mac version, you go to "Print" and hit the pdf button in the lower left of the dialogue box. I'm sure the Windows version has a similar interface.
  • eft, I get to the Account information, but find that nothing is clickable, though I'm signed in. What am I doing wrong?
  • Thank you, gentlemen, for your suggestions. I'll pass them on to the family expert. Don't have Mac, so that won't help, but I wish I did!
  • Jeffrey: From comparing the relevant sections of the Finale user's manual for the Windows version and the Mac version, I believe that functionality is in the latter only.
  • Jeffrey Quick: That is a feature of Mac OS, not Finale.
  • I just played with Finale 2008 on my Vista PC, and yes, unbelievable as it seems, it apparently only exports files in Windows-proprietary formats. I'd never thought that Apple might have licensed Adobe guts, as I had to install Distiller for something else. But Windows saves to PDF via the same interface, so I stand corrected. I do remember however when Finale got that feature, so I assumed it was their doing.

    It looks like Noel has Linda covered, but if not, you can send a file to me...well, at least if I could put my addy on my profile...which nobody has answered my question about ;-)
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    posting my private email address in my profile

    Only people who have created a Forum login have access to the Forum member profiles.

    To SEE any profile
    --log in
    --click the blue name located in the upper left corner of a post
    OR click the banner button "Members" and in the column "Username" click on the desired entry

    To EDIT your profile
    --get to your profile by one of the above methods
    --scroll down, look in the left margin for a heading "Account Options", click "Personal Information"
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    In the Mac version, you go to "Print" and hit the pdf button

    It exists on Macs because Apple built in that capability starting with Mac OS X.
    It has nothing to do with Finale.
  • Thank you, eft... I never went far enough down to see that bit in the sidebar.
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    never went far enough

    Yeah, me too for a while!
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    I hope I have better luck with future questions, than my past one. But I chalk that up to newbie-ness. Add in amateur-ness. What a combo. ;-)
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    Did you ever get in touch with ML about his piece?