Organ Concert, New York, January 31
  • Readers in the New York area might be interested in an organ recital at Saint Thomas Episcopal Church on Sunday, January 31, at 5:15 pm, featuring David Brian Lang, Director of Music at St. John the Beloved Catholic Church, McLean, Virginia. Maestro Lang has prepared a wonderful program of organ works based on Gregorian chant, including pieces by Langlais, Durufle, Bach, and Gerald Near. He will also give the 'second premiere' of my "Suite On Ancient Themes", an (ancient) college work which I recently resuscitated, with David's invaluable assistance and expert registration (the "themes" being Victimae paschali laudes and Dies irae, an odd but surprisingly successful combination). This is a repeat of a performance he gave at historic St. John's, Lafayette Square, in Washington, D.C. on January 6.

    Richard Rice