Arrival of Winter 2009 Sacred Music - What a Treat!
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    Another fascinating issue of Sacred Music arrived at the post office. Perfect reading for those stolen moments in the Christmas-New Year's-Epiphany hysteria.

    There is always at least one article on a topic about which I know very little, so I have the opportunity to be enlightened. Book reviews are expanding. There are conference reports, scholarly insights, some philosophical reflections, and my own hopelessly practical thoughts.

    If you hang out on this forum and don't have a subscription, join CMAA and get one.

    My thanks to Dr. Mahrt and Jeffrey Tucker and all the editorial team for another great issue.
  • Oh that's wonderful! So glad to hear the news!
  • YES! I agree - the Sacred Music Journal is one of THE finest of its kind on sacred music and worth every dollar! Likewise, the CMAA is extremely deserving of our support and membership.
  • Mine arrived yesterday too. I'm delighted to see the last page editorial by Dr. Mahrt. When I read that statement by Goldman in First Things, my first thought was, "Somebody like Bill Mahrt should refute this idea that 'Solesmes invented Gregorian chant'!"

    Merry Christmas to All!
  • And David you can see that it barely fit!
  • francis
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    Jeffrey! I have been negligent to renew my membership and desperately need all the back issues to when mine expired last year or so. Mea Maxima Culpa! Is it possible to get previous back issues (in print)? I like to spread them around the office and give them to choir members to promote the wonder of CMAA. :)
  • oh sure! write

    He is very very nice to anyone who asks nicely. By the way, it is rather silly that everyone keeps having to renew. I need to change our payment system at paypal. By the way, if anyone is good at this stuff, please say so! We need help in all of these areas. I'm personally not very good at any of this stuff. I just hunt and poke around until I can cobble together some temporary solution that ends up as the de facto permanent solution. We are always always anxious for software volunteers.
  • daniel
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    So happy to see the article by Kurt Poterack regarding musical instruments in the Church. I'm going to make several copies and keep it handy! Just heard from a colleague fired after 16 years because the new pastor didn't want to "impose" the organ on his congregation. Lord have mercy on us.
  • There's actually a podcast series by the author, Ken Canedo, on the book topic.

    Be warned, there are full recordings of the folk music on the podcasts.
  • Haven't received the issue out on the left coast yet.....still Advent with USPS.
  • Got mine. I appreciate the discussion on orchestra Masses after having sung the Coronation Mass (part of it) for Christmas Eve. I truly understand the problems that contemporaries of Haydn and Mozart had with these types of Mass settings. The galant sensibility, to me, does not seem to work well with the profound texts of the Mass. These works seem to focus much more on the musical form and thematic development than the words. There are moments in Mozart, however, that manage to overcome this. It is easy to understand why the Cecilian movement gained such traction. There was a great need for church music that seemed more appropriate for worship. Perhaps this is challenge of every generation.
  • I haven't received mine in Oklahoma City either, although our music director received his over a week ago.
  • chonakchonak
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    Nor here in MA, although olbash has received his.
  • Mark M.Mark M.
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    Got it here in Colorado, Christmas Eve.
  • Mine came yesterday. I was very pleased at how the whole package turned out.
  • IanWIanW
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    For once, the overseas delivery seems to be late rather than early. Now I'm experiencing what the rest of you may feel when I post enthusiastically about content you're still to receive.
  • Carl DCarl D
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    Lucky you, Mark, I haven't received mine in Colorado yet. It looks like it will be a New Year's gift!
  • francis
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    Can't wait to see this one.
  • Wir warten still am California. Bitte, mein Herrn, dass am Morgen es kommt werde.
    Gott und Vater, alle lobet und danket zu Ihnen sein.
  • MJBALLOU's article is a MUST READ. I had a real problem with a couple of choristers who insisted on singing all hymns in parts...fine except for the fact that the moment they went into parts the altos, tenors and basses would slow down as they worked to sing the right notes...if I had read this article I'd have had a better chance at explaining the importance of unison singing to them...
  • Charles you are so funny. Be sure to send me your email address.
  • mjballoumjballou
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    Charles, stop reading German poetry. It will make you morose. Happy New Year!
  • What, no Rilke, no Mann, NO Nietzche?
    MOC- scurradei at sbcglobal dot net
    MJB- I'm already morose, you know that. Now that I know you have an article and I'M STILL WAITING FOR THE DELIVERY OF THE ISSUE, I'm moreso morose. And anagramatic.
    I may have to go phlegmatic soon.
    Happy New Year!
  • francis
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    A... A g f e fefefefefe d ....aga

    (German organ music with a message for today)
  • RagueneauRagueneau
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    Mine arrived today. What an amazing Journal ! Congrats!! And thanks!
  • Carl DCarl D
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    I still haven't received my Sacred Music magazine, when should I think about writing someone? I've been holding my breath too long! ;-)
  • Carl, that's crazy! yes, please write
  • chonakchonak
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    When in doubt, send a check. :-)