New music-based ministry to help Young People Challenge Culture of Death.
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    12/03/09 –Press Release

    Canton, Ohio

    Throughout all of history, the family has been the basic unit of any enduring society. In many of his writings, Pope John Paul II consistently stressed the importance of strong family life. If we are to be successful in creating the new Culture of Life that this Pope spoke of so often, there must be an authentic spiritual renewal of the family and this renewal must start with the youth of today, for it is they who will be the foundations of the families of tomorrow.

    One organization that wants to be a part of this renewal is Saint Cecilia Classical Productions Inc., a music based, Catholic, evangelization apostolate. The principle focus of this ministry is the advancement of the Culture of Life by the promotion of authentic Catholic family values to today’s young people. This focus can be divided into four key areas of concern.

    Basic Church teachings – Many Catholics today have little understanding of how their faith should permeate their lives and their interaction with our society. They have been assimilated into our secular culture to such an extent, that they no longer posses a Catholic identity. This point was emphasized by Denver’s Archbishop Charles Chaput in his address at the University of Toronto this past February. He said: “…. The Church in the United States has done a poor job of forming the faith and conscience of Catholics for more than 40 years. And now we’re harvesting the results – in the public square, in our families and in the confusion of our personal lives”. It is imperative then, that our young people have a solid foundation in their faith so that they will be able to recognize and challenge the false values of today’s world. Essential to this task is the fostering of a good spiritual life with emphasis on personal holiness through prayer and frequent reception of the sacraments.

    Increased education on pro-life issues – The goal here is to inspire and enable, through education, teens and young adults to be effective pro-life leaders committed to building a Culture of Life by spreading Christ’s message of love, hope and forgiveness to other young people. These youthful leaders can be some of the best promoters of the pro-life movement because they are better able to reach their peers with the pro-life message. This peer-to-peer education can be a very effective tool for advancing the pro-life cause.

    Dignity of Women – In our society today, respect for women is at an all time low. This loss of dignity for women has also been accompanied by a corresponding breakdown in the stability of the family. If there is to be a genuine renewal of family life in our country, it is essential that women rediscover the grace and beauty of their femininity and realize the importance of the role that God has planned for them from the beginning.

    The need for good positive role models – When a young person looks around at our society today, what do they see in the way of good positive role models, very little! Every form of media, including television, movies, magazines, Internet, music etc, all assault the moral integrity of our youth and try to lead them away from God.

    To help counter these problems, the strategy of this new apostolate is to use entertainment groups of orthodox, Catholic young women who can be good role models for today’s youth, and, at the same time, impart the truths of the faith to them. Through their presentations and songs, they will highlight the key points of the Faith and give concrete examples of their application to the lives of young people. Performing in small vocal ensembles, these young ladies will take the principles of the Catholic faith, as well as the ideals put forth by Pope John Paul II in his writings on the family and "multiply", so to speak, their effect through the medium of music: quality music performed by young women of character, modesty, and grace. Through their own good example, and the witness they give, these young women will promote the virtues of true womanhood and authentic Catholic family life to today’s young people

    To staff these groups, they are conducting a nationwide talent search for Catholic young women who wish to use their musical talents and knowledge of the faith to make a difference in the lives of young people. High school seniors, college age women, or recent graduates, especially those with degrees in music, are encouraged to apply. Home-schooled individuals, or those raised in the Tridentine Mass tradition are also most welcome.

    For more information on this new apostolate, please contact them at:

    Saint Cecilia Classical Productions Inc. . P.O. Box 129, Green, OH 44232 . 330-833-0675

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    Saint Cecilia Classical Productions Inc. is a non-profit, 501 C 3 public charity,
    which was organized exclusively for religious, educational and charitable purposes.