Gregorian Chant on EWTN's Life on the Rock
  • On Thursday, November 12th, Fr. Robert Fromageot, FSSP will be speaking about Music and the Liturgy on EWTN's show for young adults, "Life on the Rock."

    Fr. Fromageot is a professor of dogmatic and moral theology at Our Lady of Guadalupe Seminary (the Fraternity's seminary) in Denton, Nebraska. He is in-residence at St. Francis of Assisi parish in Lincoln, NE where he also directs the schola. He is a fantastic singer, an accomplished flautist, and a very eloquent advocate for the place of Gregorian chant and beauty in the liturgy.

    This is a show not to be missed! It airs at 8:00 p.m. ET.
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    Jenny, thank you for the info. Do you know whether the same show is repeated on Friday at 1 PM? (I have a Latin class on Thursday evening, which I can't afford to miss.)
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    Television -> Program Schedules
    Look for YOUR time zone.

    Also, the audio probably will eventually appear as part of the EWTN archives.
    When it does, I will add a post.
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    THank you so much.
  • I watched this last night...(I must admit I'd forgotten about it, even tho I'd written myself a reminder note. God was guiding my finger on the remote, reminding me yet again that there are no coincidences!)

    Fr. Fromageot's interview touched on the history of Gregorian chant, restating how Vatican II gives it "...pride of place..." and how important it is for us to reclaim and restore this treasure of our Catholic heritage.

    When he plugged CMAA's Colloquium and this website I was brought to tears, having had the "Chicago experience" this past summer. As the web address for musica sacra showed on the bottom of the screen I thought, "YES! More will be brought here to read, learn, discover, delve, wonderful is that??"
  • I was remiss, Jenny: Thank you for bringing Fr. F.'s interview to our attention. I was in your beginner polyphonic choir in June & learned so much from you...thank you again for your patience! :)
  • As of now this is on EWTN's streaming video page (Windows Media). []

    Can anyone download and save it before it's replaced by the following episode? I'd like to view a copy of it. In fact, I may even want to purchase a video of it to show my new choirs as part of a discussion group.

    Update: The DVD is available from the EWTN Religious Catalogue for US $15. Catalog number LRD 600.
  • Perhaps there is a permalink to the show somewhere? I know that it will be accessible after this week in the audio library section of the website.
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    I tried the pointer from Aristotle but it only provided the 2-minute front bumper.

    Here are other pointers (different feed quality).
    They currently work, but I do not know how long they last.
    Skip ahead to timestamp == 16:00
  • The replay of this "Life on the Rock" program can be seen on EWTN tomorrow (Sunday) evening at 11:00 p.m. Eastern time.
  • When a transcript is located, can someone post it here?

    I watched the show and posted it on my Facebook page, but someone asked me for a transcript since she didn't want to have to watch the first part.
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    That's the reason I don't want to buy the DVD either.
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    transcript ... she didn't want to have to watch the first part.

    Transcript? No way!
    The current technology already gives you the desired control.
    Once the feed starts, click and drag the pointer to the desired point,
    and it will re-buffer and give you what you want.
    That is why I provided the timestamp in the earlier post.

    My complaints ...
    The program had bizarre editing
    which put together video and stills which were un-related to the music.
    Transition from the segment to a commercial break
    via a still photo taken during the Elevation
    accompanied by the rock-n-roll program theme
    "I want to (yeah yeah yeah) live my life ..."?
    Watching incensing of the gifts
    accompanied by a soundtrack of Salve Regina?
    The sound-only archive version will not have these incongruities.
    Unfortunately it will also lack the visual ""
    which was not spoken once.
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    "Once the feed starts, click and drag the pointer to the desired point,
    and it will re-buffer and give you what you want."

    I tried, but somehow it won't stay where I dragged the pointer. It was keep going back to the beginning. I didn't have this problem with ohter video clips before. But It might be just my conputer though.
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    click and drag

    Windows Media Player might be finicky.
    Maybe it will re-sync this way ...
    Start the feed, and then during the bumper video,
    click some distance to the right,
    but no more than about 25% (16 mins into a 60 min program)
    of the total length of the track in which the pointer travels.