New Norms for Choirs Singing at St. Peter’s
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    I didn't see this until now. Wow.
    I wanted to make sure everyone saw this in the front page of this site.
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    Hmm, Jeffrey or anyone, I don't understand that the document is dated '18 December 2006', so this is not new?
  • It is not new but it is newly enforced and distributed for the first time, I believe, in English, here at MusicaSacra at the request of Vatican personnel.
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    I see, thanks Jeffrey! (I sent this to almost everyone I know. Not because they are all planning to go to Rome, but because I believe Vatican is setting an example for every Catholic diocese and parish to follow.)

    One of the parents sent this,

    "Dear Mia,

    This was SO lovely! Thank you for sharing, and for NOT having any tambourines, drums, or harmonicas. ;-)"

    I believe many people are hungry for good liturgy with sacred music. (after all, all that party style music wears you out, and you get tired of it.)
  • Would it be possible to organize a CMAA choir to go there? I would be happy to help with the organizing. Whadda say Jeff?
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    Oh, my. Could we? That would be wonderful.
  • Well, the CMAA has been invited, to be sure. Maybe it will work out but who knows when or how etc. that is really AVOZ's department.
  • OK AOZ, the ball's in your court ; -)

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    count me in!
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    not new but it is newly enforced and distributed for the first time, I believe, in English, here at MusicaSacra at the request of Vatican personnel.

    I wonder if it appears anywhere on the NPM site, at the request of Vatican personnel... or on the USCCB's Committee for Divine Worship page?

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)
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    Having gone to the NPM site, at the prompting of my own question, I came across this:
    Combined Federal Campaign
    Federal employees may support NPM by using CFC code number [xxxx]

    Is this a complex, or in anyway suspect arrangement? and if not, is there anyway the CMAA could avail themselves of this?

    (Save the Liturgy, Save the World)
  • The Combined Federal Campaign is the federal government employees' version of the United Way. Somehow, I find it a little strange that NPM would use this vehicle to solicit donations.
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    The CFC permits employees to submit 501(c)3 organizations to which they would like to send donations. I suspect this is not the doing of NPM itself but rather somebody who finds it convenient to donate automatically.
  • Let's go to Rome- I want to sit on the Piazza Navone again !!!


    Ps Also sing at St. Peter's. I hope I would be welcome, although not Roman Catholic! LOL
  • Just kidding. Long day.
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    I hope a CMAA choir does get to go.

    Here's what you might see if you do, from a guest choir member a few years back:
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    I really think it would be a wonderful thing to do. Is it possible to form a committee to plan this? (also the CMAA choir committee can plan other events after this too. I believe there are some international chant events where many shcola and choir sing chants.)
    As we know, only a few number of people are doing so many things for CMAA, especially workshops and other events, and they are all volunteers. So those who wish to help out, maybe post some ideas here?
    I'd like to know how they screen the choir, how long the choir usually stay there and practice,and when would be a good time do this and so on...
  • Well if the PTB are interested, I'll volunteer to handle any small jobs needed and to sing of course.
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    Thanks Michael, but what PTB stands for? (I googled, but can't pick the right one. Sorry)

    PTB Powers That Be
    PTB Power Tab (computer program format)
    PTB Pulmonary Tuberculosis
    PTB Place to Be
    PTB Penn Treebank
    PTB Portuguese Brazilian (language)
    PTB Patellar Tendon Bearing
    PTB Passenger Terminal Building (aviation)
    PTB Push the Button
    PTB Portland Trail Blazers
    PTB Position Task Book (wildfire
  • I have been to Rome Pilgrimage three times- Once as a singer with an Anglican choir, once on a
    choirmasters tour and then with my own choir. We went the end of Oct. and sang the parts of the Faure Requiem as Mass parts on All Soul's Day. Gave a concert of traditional music and Spirituals plus the Requiem at St. Ignatius. That's been a few years ago, and things have changed there I'm sure. But we had a wonderful time and for the choir it was one of the highlights of their life. We went with Peter's Way, and they did a good job for us. There were 110 of us, so it was a big job to get all the scheduling right. (Not all were singers)
    The first time I went with my Anglican Choir Pope JPII was still in good health before assassination attempt and he walked down the aisles of the auditorium and we got to be really really close to him. There was Polish Choir there who sang for the audience and everyone cried.

  • Powers That Be. A large undertaking to be sure, but I think worth it.

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    Michael O'Conner -

    The email address I have for you seems to be bouncing...could you send it to me privately? avozATearthlinkDOTnet
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    Count me in, too, so long as there aren't any mandatory rehearsals in the US! I'd be happy to organise a sub-rehearsal in London for overseas members in the UK.
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    Michael, WE ALL are the Powers That Be of the CMAA. It's a highly decentralized organization, driven by the passion and energies of its members. These discussions here are exactly the way that we discover if there's enough energy to pull off such a great event.

    Given how many times CMAA members have stepped up to accomplish some fantastic world-changing things, I'm optimistic for this worthwhile endeavor.
  • Carl, I'm only deferring to the folks who would want some say in us using the CMAA name, but you are right. Our decentralization makes us powerful and productive.
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    So, Michael, would you be able to help those who wish to go to Rome and sing? Of course others will help.
  • I imagine the cost, depending on if we went off-season or shoulder season would be in the region of $3,000 per- depending where you were flying from to NYC or possibly Atlanta. Of course, most Parish choirs would have fund-raisers a year in advance for this, and charge non-singers and extra $100 bucks or so to alleviate cost to singers.

  • Donna,

    That sounds about right. One could reduce cost by making travel arrangements and only paying someone to set up the event in Rome, but then again it might end up being about the same. Rome is EXPENSIVE. With our connections here, we should be able to find someone of "our kind" in Rome to facilitate a couple of Masses and maybe a concert to make the trip truly inviting. Planning time would probably be about a year out unless we want to have fundraisers.
  • We were charged $500 to give a concert at St. Ignatius. (Included in overall price) That's what the church charges- not the Tour Company. It's prolly gone up since then, and I understand they've changed the time of concert. It was the most inspiring thing- the church was absolutely packed, and they didn't know us from Adam. The Austrian ambassador came bc he loved the Faure "Requiem'

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    One year sounds good for a preparation time, at least one year. Time to earn money and szve for the cost. I guess I should do some more piano lessons, which I almost stopped. Maybe we should start a new thread?
  • See new thread.