Balt/Wash/Va chapter meeting
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    CMAA chapter meeting at NOON on Nov. 14th in 'Monsignor Stricker room,' St. Bernadette Church, Silver Sping. (same place as the last one) Please tell others about the meeting if you know any musicicans who might want to join us.

    I also want to thank you for the CMAA and our chapter through which my schola and I am so belssed to get so much help for the White Mass we had yesterday at the Basilica in Baltimore with our Archbishop.
    Richard for the beautiful and solemn Introit, Daniel for the superb organ playing, Kathy for the most exquisite translation of the hymn, and Jenny for her beautiful singing. (It turned out that I needed two cantors, more specifically one cantor and one Psalmist, who had to go down by the elevator from the choir loft to the high ambo while the cantor is leading the Gloria. whew!)

    It was very meaningful for me and our schola that while there was a TLM in St. Peter's Basilica for the first time in 40 years yesterday, and we sang Gregorian chants in the Basilica in Baltimore for the first time, where chants are not sung by a choir on regualr Sunday Masses. I think this is a good start, and I felt so connected to the Church Universal yesterday.

    We are truly blessed to have so many good musicians around here, and I think we can help each other to support our liturgy with truly authentic sacred music in this area.

    Hope many people can make it to the meeting,
  • Mia,

    Such wonderful news... glad to hear about the progress you are making!
  • francis
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    This is great news to me as I often felt true sacred music was relegated to St Alphonsus all the years gone by. Congrats to you all. Keep up the good work. (and don't forget to post the Christmas chant extravaganza on YouTube)
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    Thanks, Janet and Francis. To me it's amazing how far we came along. We started a small Gregorian chant study group with 4 people two years ago, didn't even think about doing a schola then. (Most of our schola members never sang in a choir before.) God is truly leading us, and we just follow. And He provides everything we need.
  • Baltimore is still one of the worst dioceses on the east coast for liturgy and music.

    * Saint Alphonsus has only a chant schola and a 'sincere' amateur choir one Sunday a month each. There is no actual polyphony ever.
    * There is no single parish in the archdioceses of Washington and Baltimore that has EF/TLM Missa Cantata (more less Solemn High Mass) every Sunday.
    * There is no single parish in these archdioceses which has the full, sung EF/TLM Triduum.
    * The one non-Sunday EF/TLM Mass said in the Baltimore archdiocese (one weekday morning each week) is not permitted to be advertised. Those who know about it may come, but it cannot be listed even in the bulletin of the parish at which it occurs.
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    Mr. Page,

    That is pretty crazy that they can't advertise their non-Sunday EF/TLM.

    Now, what about OF with chant? Any there? (I don't live currently live in the church of Baltimore, but for educational/job purposes, may find myself ending up there one day.)
  • There is an OF Latin Mass on Sundays at 9:00 at the Basilica (old cathedral) with cantor and organ.
    The ordinary is usually Missa de Angelis, with Credo III, sung extremely slowly.
    No chant propers are sung.
    The Gradual Psalm and Alleluia are sung from OCP's Respond and Acclaim in English, including arm motions.
    There are usually 3 congregational hymns in Latin (not chant except Adoro te devote) rotating through about 10 golden oldies.
    It's usually replete with a chatty introduction, chatty conclusion to the intercessions, and possibly more chat around the announcements.
    That's the most Latin chant used for a Sunday liturgy in the archdiocese outside of the EF/TLM at Saint Alphonsus.
    Again, I'll remark that the 'renewal or the renewal' has not begun in Baltimore. There are a few younger priests who know better, but they have no say.
    The geographical parish I live in features the 'assembly' praying to 'Our Father and Mother in heaven'.
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    Wow Daniel... I am having nightmarish flashbacks. Celebrating mother earth at the Neuman Center.
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    A proposed schedule for the chapter meeting

    12 - 12-15 Introduction
    12:15 - 1:15 Presentation on Youth/children's schola by Kathy Pluth
    (we could use last 15 minutes for Q/A?)

    1:15 - 2:15 Chapter organization details and future projects
    2:15 -3:15 singing chants from PBC
    Advent and Christmas
    (afterwards, some of us might want to go out to a nearby 'pub'?)

    Hope to see you all !!!

    - CMAA chapter meeting at NOON on Nov. 14th in 'Monsignor Stricker room,' St. Bernadette Church, Silver Sping. (same place as the last one)-