now would be a good time for CMAA Colloquium photos
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    If you are not aware, every day for five hours I work on the CMAA documentary Corpus Christi Watershed is producing.

    We make a lot of progress, but it is difficult, because there is SO MUCH !!!

    NOW would be a good time for anyone who has interesting Colloquium photos to please send them to me.

    A few notes about this:

    (1) The shots I am interested in are OFF THE BEATEN PATH: e.g. maybe you have a shot of a professor in a corner helping someone understand something, or maybe you have a photo of Colloquium attendees in the dorm room relaxing, or outside practicing ------ basically I am looking for ARTISTIC production photos. We have SOME, but I could always use more. These production stills will help capture the "spirit" of the Colloquium --- e.g. to see a whole pack of CMAA people crossing the busy streets with their CMAA booklets and a nice landscape in background, etc.

    (2) Please don't send a photo unless we can use it (that is, you allow it to be in the documentary).

    (3) Please don't send in FUZZY, DARK, or low-resolution photos. Thanks!

    Please send to with "CMAA Production Photos" in the subject line.
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    clicking on it, but it doesn't lead anywhere

    do you mean this one?
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    whoever this person is:

    . . . is AMAZING as a photographer! My word, those are unbelievable. I wonder if she has a 2009 Colloquium section.

    Her 2008 section is especially AWESOME --- WOW

    I need to get in touch with her and see if we can use some of her photos.

    She is out-of-this-world good ! She must be a professional photographer
  • She is great. She didn't come to 2009. The link above now works
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    thanks to those who have sent in pictures

    keep 'em coming!