Glory and Praise #557
  • Does anyone have access to the choral edition of Glory and Praise? I'm trying to track down a copy of number 557, "Lord, whose love in humble service," to hear its apparently unique SATB harmonization of BEACH SPRING. A friend recommended it to me on memory.

    If the harmonization looks useful, I'll definitely request permissions from before using it, so I'm not looking to mess with copyrights. I just don't want to buy the whole hymnal, just for this setting, before I even hear it. The individual piece is not available for purchase from OCP, but only with a full subscription to

    Can anybody help me out?

    Yours in Christ,
    Rebecca Bridget C-
  • I note that this tune is from 1844. And here we are still fussing about copyrights. Sort of sums it up. I bet someone on this list could whip up a great harmonization and free it into the commons.
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    Is it different from the harmonization by Haugen in RitualSong? I haven't seen a Glory and Praise since our church processed to the dumpster with them.
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    Jeffrey the man of few words at CMAA and many words at NLM, You left out the critical fragment of text!

    I am looking at a (Parish Office) copy of OCP Glory and Praise second edition (not the choral edition).
    Below the score is
    Text: 87 87 D; Albert F. Bayly, 1901-1984, alt. (c) Oxford University Press, London.
    Music: BEACH SPRING; The Sacred Harp, 1844.

    I am not sure of the significance of the difference between the OCP use of the words "Tune" versus "Music",
    but given your comment about its "apparently unique SATB harmonization of BEACH SPRING"
    that would definitely suggest "The Sacred Harp" version.

    Maybe someone can transcribe it ...

    A major (Joseph Hart 1759)
    S ||: -ac|ee|ffe|cac|ee|fee :||-ec|aa|ccf|eac|ce|eec|cef|efe|ecc|adc|efe|c+e||
    A ||: -ee|ee|aae|fff|fe|fec :||-cc|ee|fef|eaa|aa|eef|aaf|efe|edf|edf|efe|c||
    T ||: -aa|ba|ccba|faa|fe|faa :||-ac|ee|fec|aac|ea|cbaf|fec|acc|baf|aaf|efa|a||
    B ||: -aa|ee|ffe|caa|ce|fea :||-af|ee|cef|aaa|ee|cef|aaf|eff|ec|aac|efe|a||

    The writing is S=high on staff, A=low on staff, T=melody, B=high on staff.
  • I just got a private email with the info that G&P uses the same harmony copyrighted in 1978 in the Lutheran Book of Worship (but still no score). If that's the case, here's a midi file of what it sounds like. (Edit: actually, this midi turns out to be an original arrangement by Rev. Richard Jordan, who lists his arrangements by hymn number. So, I still don't know what the G&P/Lutheran version actually sounds like.)

    Thank you kindly, eft94530, for writing out the notes of the Sacred Harp version! Alas, we have no tenors, but maybe I'll play around and revoice that, see what it sounds like with sopranos on melody, and the altos and basses on their respective lines.

    Do you know about, which lets you automatically transpose scores from the Sacred Harp to any key, and also plays midi files, at any tempo you like, with any combination of voice parts that you want? Here's BEACH SPRING. It's amazing how different it sounds from the Lutheran version, isn't it? I love getting multiple settings of a piece and comparing them. You can change the whole character of a piece just by tweaking the accompanying chords.

    I'm not sure, Charles, whether it's the same as Haugen's harmonization in Ritual Song. In Gather Comprehensive, Haugen's is unison with an intricate piano part.
  • @eft94530, I'm quite sure you are alone in calling me a man of few words at CMAA! i would gladly repost my NLM stuff here but even I get tired of reading my stuff. Blech.
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    Rebecca, Once I got to I remembered it as
    "that website that requires me to download an unknown plugin"
    to hear or see a page. I will try a different machine on a different day. Thanks!
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    In looking more closely, the Haugen is not what you are looking for. There is an SATB version in the "Chalice Hymnal" 1995, harmonized by Ronad A. Nelson, 1978. The words are "Lord, Whose Love Through Humble Service." So the words differ a bit. But it is definitely "Beach Spring." The Chalice Hymnal is the hymnal of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).
  • Thanks Charles! My library has a copy of the Chalice Hymnal, so I'll be able to check this out tomorrow.

    Eft94530, yes, I remember being suspicious and peeved by the need to install a plugin. At the time, I was resetting a lot of Sacred Harp music to some more traditionally Catholic hymn texts, at the request of a couple who had recently converted, and I eventually caved in and installed the thing.
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    Rebecca Bridget C.

    With "no tenors", Shape Music seems just right for you Tenor is the easy part. They sing the tune - melody - song, and the others sing the harmony. Also, it's quite traditional for some to sing the melody an octave above where it's being sung by the tenors.
  • WGS,

    Great, I didn't know it was traditional to have the melody in octaves.

    I do realize the tenors get the melody, and since our issue is less about skill and more about bodies, I think you'll see that Men on Melody just ain't gonna happen here :-) In this particular instance, we'll have 4 sopranos, 3 altos, and 2 basses. If we were going to use the Sacred Harp arrangement, I think I'd split up the women in twos to cover SA and melody, throw a third on melody, and let the boys enjoy the B. We always have to work to avoid being so top-heavy that we fall over.
  • Are we talking about "come ye sinners...??"
  • Orourkebr, that text could indeed be sung to BEACH SPRING, since the meter is, though I've never seen it. Is this what you're thinking of? We'll be using a different text :-)
  • Yes that's it. I though "come ye sinners" was the most text...unless we're thinking of a different melody.
    Show me Beach Spring.
  • So I took all the harmonies people helped me find, and then made my own version. A rudimentary audio of how it sounds, demonstrated SB, then SAB, is here Yes, I accidentally said "trilgrims" in the bass line :-)

    Orourkebr, does that sound familiar? Also, there are audio files at all the links above. If you listen to the one at the "Come ye sinners" site, you'll hear that it's a different melody.

    Thanks again for the help, folks!
  • Yep, that's the melody of which I was speaking. Beautiful! Love the arrangement.

    Just wondering, what's the most common lyrics you all have come across for this melody? For me, it is "Come ye sinners...", so that's why it was my reference point. :)
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