Transcription of Chant?
  • CantorCole
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    Hello all,

    I was wondering if anyone would be interested in creating a transcription of the linked chant. If not I could try to do it myself, but I'm not the most confident in my ability to do so well.

    I'm thinking of adapting the chant to English using the translation that Cappella Romana provides in one of their papers on the Album, and a transcribed chant would help towards this end.

  • ServiamScores
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    I would guess that this will not transcribe into modern notation well at all, as lovely as it is. Take a look at the 4th preview page of this book about orthodox chant:

    The original is going to be in a completely different type of notation that accounts for all those little motions, whereas a modern transcription will be utterly laden with cue notes to the point of excess.

    In any case, you could always reach out to the ensemble via the website above and ask if they have a score. Truth be told, I'd like to see it (in its original or transcribed form).
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    It's akin to trying to transcribe your garden variety celebrity butcheringsinging the National SoloAnthem ... perhaps for all the fans to "ooh" and "ahh" at such a horrendoussplendid rendition??

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  • CantorCole
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    I was actually thinking of a Mensural Gregorian-type transcription, which I think could work (minus some of the more minute ornamentations), and modifications for the triplet rhythm.

    But I can reach out to them to see if they already have some form of notation for it.
  • Lincoln_Hein
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    In this topic:

    we discuss possibilities for notating chant with mensuralism.