MS-Publisher going away
  • JT_Fields
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    (I feel like I’m always asking software questions on here, apologies in advance!)

    With Microsoft Publisher being discontinued in a year; is there a software that you would recommend for worship aids? Anything that would do a decent job of reading all the old .pub files so I’m not recreating the wheel with all the templates I’ve created?

    Or is there a way to save the .pub files as a more universal file format for publishing software?
  • Bombarde16
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    I didnt realize publisher is going away!

    That said, I ehole-heartedly endorse "Affinity" Software. Their whole suite of "Publisher, Designer, and Photo" editors are my favorite in the market. Easier to work with than Adobe, and cheaper (perpetual licensing vs. subscription).

    I would suggest getting the Affinity suite, exporting all your publisher documents to PDFs, and then working in affinity from there on...
  • TCJ
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    I use Scribus.
  • MarkB
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    When I saw the thread's title I admit I hoped it might be referring to OCP or GIA.
  • OrganistRob320OrganistRob320
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    I use Word for all my worship aids. MAC version is basically Word with most of the Publisher needs anyway.
  • francis
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    Well, the Creative Suite is the best for sure, (but I can understand the downside of the licensing restrictions and cost). I have been using pro graphic arts tools since 1990 beginning with Pagemaker, and then on to Quark and then InDesign. Once you learn InDesign you will probably not want anything else.

    If on a Mac, you might try using Pages, which is Mac's version of a layout app.
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  • Marc Cerisier
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    While my advice is certainly to use InDesign, your question about accessing old files is certainly an important one—as far as I know, there are no programs besides publisher that open publisher files.

    Our archive of worship aids goes back to 1997, with the switch to InDesign being made around 2006–7. I keep a virtual machine with an older version of windows and publisher that I start up in the rare instances when I need to access an old file.

    If you save PDFs of each program, you can at least easily see the program, but you’d need to recreate it to edit it in a newer program.
  • MatthewRoth
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    Pages is a word processor, not a design app, and its limitations are pretty much those of Word, so while I think that for most purposes, it's better than Word, but it's not a good design application. Swift Publisher is on version 5.0; there's very little activity on its subreddit, which is surprising (because a niche alternative for Mac that isn't open-source and which is a one-time license, not a subscription sounds like a winner) but it's so cheap that I'd check it out if for anyone reading this. Report back!

    anyway, InDesign, Affinity (which I didn't like, but oh well), and Scribus have already been mentioned. QuarkExpress is still around.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    The Libre Office program Draw can import .pub files. What it can then do with them I do not know, but as it is free it is worth checking out.
    Wikipedia says " It also includes features similar to desktop publishing software such as Scribus and Microsoft Publisher,[24] but the features are not on par with desktop publishing software.[25] It can also act as a PDF file editor. "

    [ADDED] I used Page Plus from v3, but after 20 years I realised that linked frames was the only thing I needed - and Writer (Libre Office) has those. Writer will also incorporate music from Lilypond.
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  • ServiamScores
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    Affinity Publisher for sure, assuming you don’t want to pay Adobe prices.
  • Word is entirely adequate for any worship aids I have ever seen. Those entirely eschewing this use might, I submit, not know fully the software’s capabilities. One knows, of course, the general superiority of InDesign—but also its cost. MS Publisher has been an underdeveloped and essentially unsupported application for a decade. Its extensive legacy of hideous designs is enough firmly to nail its coffin.
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  • francis
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    So, in Mac Pages, there are TWO DISTINCT PLATFORMS from which you can choose... either the

    1. word processor layout


    2. page layout.

    I have an older version, but here is a very quick demo of how to get into the page layout view which then is similar in function to InDesign. You can really do a lot of what ID does in this mode.

    There are templates when you open the program that are already in the Layout Mode. You can see the examples of layouts similar to ID or Affinity.

    BTW...Pages is FREE!
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  • ServiamScores
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    Word is entirely adequate for any worship aids I have ever seen. Those entirely eschewing this use might, I submit, not know fully the software’s capabilities.

    The problem isn't necessarily that you cannot kludge a nice worship aid together in Word... it's that the manner of working and doing layout is not conducive to the task at hand, whereas a program like Affinity Publisher or InDesign specializes in exactly this type of task, making it very easy flexible, and frankly, more feature-rich.

    Francis: interesting about the page layout mode in Pages. Never knew that.
  • francis
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    interesting about the page layout mode in Pages. Never knew that.
    very few people know about this... I call it the Down & Dirty InDesign Knockoff. Quite useable.

  • davido
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    In my experience, word doesn’t handle graphic files as well as publisher.
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  • PaxTecum
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    been using indesign for years since I am a mac user, it's much better
  • denroden
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    I have used Pages for years for all my worship aid needs and have never felt like it was missing anything. (Supplemented with Finale and the Source & Summit score editor) I can't believe I never knew about the page layout mode - I'll have to see if that is something useful for me.
  • JT_Fields
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    Never knew about Pages - since the office is all PC's that option isn't available. At previous jobs I used Pages and I wish I knew about the layout editor.

    It looks like InDesign or Affinity. But I have to start the long process of re-making templates. Now I can usually copy/paste lots of things and I have layout "blocks" that I like to use (using Small Caps for certain things, or how I layout scripture citations and such, etc.). That's why if something could read the .pub files, I don't lose the old files (PDFs are great, but I use them more to maintain the record and for printing).
  • ServiamScores
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    two points in affinity's favor:
    1.) it can directly open and manipulate raw PDF data, unlike InDesign which requires 3rd party plugins (or you can "place" pdfs on a page and have affinity not touch them)
    2.) if you get the whole suite, you can mode switch, so you can click an icon at the top and turn the window into the photo persona (photoshop clone), directly manipulate an image, and then switch back to the publisher persona. It's all very seamless and allows you to accomplish some wonderful things, all natively from within the app.
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  • ServiamScores
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    oh: and you can buy it outright for a very reasonable fee, and don't have to pay a subscription.
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