Conference Stipends
  • Bombarde16
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    When I was originally hired, I had an agreement with my priest (and in my job description) that up to $500 per year would be covered for any conference of my choosing.

    With a new priest now, there is a desire (on his part) to change the way conferences are dealt with for all faculty and staff at the parish - a 75/25 model.

    Any and all conferences are covered 75% by the parish, and 25% by the conference attendee.

    While it's not my favorite, I could see how this could actually be better than having a set amount covered for a single conference. But I am curious: what is your agreement with your parish?
  • MatthewRoth
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    Well, what do the others have in their original agreements? And what do their conferences look like? Weekends? Week-long summer events?

    Because my pastor doesn’t have agreements per se, or didn’t; I got airfare covered, which was the greatest expense when I did the CISM classes (tuition was waived last year as well, so I only had to pay for room and board), so it was a 60-40 split basically. But I’m not full-time staff, and this was an opportunity that hadn’t come up before, so he hadn’t thought about the possibility of paying me or anyone else to attend. (It was necessary and worth it, so it’s always worth asking!)

    For something like the Colloquium, you’d be out more, I think, with this agreement. And I’d be sort of miffed because $500/person is a firm, concrete number that allows everyone to budget and plan accordingly. 75-25 is great, but I don’t trust them to actually account for that fairly — and I think that registration and/or room and board, and whatever is left over being used for remaining expenses, being covered by the $500 is fair, no matter how expensive or long the conference is fair.
  • matthewjmatthewj
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    They should pick up the entire cost: travel, room, tuition, your meals, etc. Alcohol, espresso, and sight seeing expenses should be yours. Plus since you won’t get a day off that week, you should probably get additional days off the next week.
  • Bombarde16
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    In another position, Matthewj, that might be feasible, and perhaps the ideal. That's not realistic for where I am currently. Many parishes don't value musicians to that extent, though I would love to see the culture change in that way.
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  • TCJ
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    My parish doesn't have a policy, but unofficially, my yearly trip to the Colloquium is covered for travel, registration, and lodging. I have to cover for any meals that are not included in registration.
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