Aures ad nostras deitatis preces (score to use)
  • A neat pre-Tridentine Lenten office hymn. You should use it sometime.

    Slight variant in my transcription based on a recording I heard. Included GABC below for those who wish to tweak in their own way:

    initial-style: 1;
    (c3)Au(h)res(hg) ad(fh) no(h)stras(ef) de(e)i(d)ta(f)tis(g) pre(f)ces(e) (;)
    De(h)us(h) in(i)cli(i)na(h) pi(i)e(h)ta(i)te(j) so(iv/hij)la:(i) (:)
    Sup(j)pli(i)cum(h) vo(i)ta(h_) su(h)sci(h)pe(g) pre(h)ca(f)mur(e;)
    fa(h)mu(g)li(h) tu(fe)i.(f)

    2.(::) Re(h)spi(hg)ce(fh) cle(h)mens(ef) so(e)li(d)o(f) de(g) san(f)cto.(e) (;)
    Vul(h)tu(h) se(i)re(i)no(h) lam(i)pa(h)des(i) il(j)lu(iv/hij)stra:(i) (:)
    Lu(j)mi(i)ne(h) tu(i)o(h_) te(h)ne(h)bras(g) de(h)pel(f)le(e;)
    pe(h)cto(g)re(h) no(fe)stro.(f)

    3.(::) Cri(h)mi(hg)na(fh) la(h)xa(ef) pi(e)e(d)ta(f)te(g) mul(f)ta(e) (;)
    a(h)blu(h)e(i) sor(i)des,(h) vin(i)cu(h)la(i) dis(j)rum(iv/hij)pe:(i) (:)
    Par(j)ce(i) pec(h)ca(i)tis,(h_) re(h)le(h)va(g) ja(h)cen(f)tes(e;)
    dex(h)te(g)ra(h) tu(fe)a.(f)

    4.(::) Te(h) si(hg)ne(fh) te(h)tro(ef) mer(e)gi(d)mur(f) pro(g)fun(f)do:(e) (;)
    La(h)bi(h)mur(i) al(i)ta(h) sce(i)le(h)ris(i) sub(j) un(iv/hij)da:(i) (:)
    Bra(j)chi(i)o(h) tu(i)o(h_) tra(h)hi(h)mur(g) ad(h) cla(f)ra(e;)
    si(h)de(g)ra(h) coe(fe)li.(f)

    5.(::) Chri(h)ste(hg) lux(fh) ve(h)ra(ef) bo(e)ni(d)tas(f) et(g) vi(f)ta(e) (;)
    gau(h)di(h)um(i) mun(i)di(h) pi(i)e(h)tas(i) in(j)men(iv/hij)sa(i) (:)
    Qui(j) nos(i) a(h) mor(i)te(h_) ro(h)se(h)o(g) sal(h)va(f)sti(e;)
    san(h)gui(g)ne(h) tu(fe)o.(f)

    6.(::) In(h)se(hg)re(fh) tu(h)um(ef) pe(e)ti(d)mus(f) a(g)mo(f)rem:(e) (;)
    Men(h)ti(h)bus(i) no(i)stris(h) fi(i)de(h)i(i) re(j)fun(iv/hij)de:(i) (:)
    Lu(j)men(i) ae(h)ter(i)num(h_) cha(h)ri(h)ta(g)tis(h) au(f)ge(e;)

    7.() Tu(h) no(hg)bis(fh) do(h)na(ef) fon(e)tem(d) la(f)cri(g)ma(f)rum(e) (;)
    Le(h)ju(h)ni(i)o(i)rum(h) for(i)ti(h)a(i) mi(j)ni(iv/hij)stra(i) (:)
    vi(j)ti(i)a(h) car(i)nis(h_) mil(h)li(h)a(g) re(h)tun(f)de(e;)
    fra(h)me(g)a(h) tu(fe)a.(f)

    8.(::) Pro(h)cul(hg) a(fh) no(h)bis(ef) per(e)fi(d)dus(f) ab(g)si(f)stat:(e) (;)
    Sa(h)tan(h) a(i) tu(i)is(h) vi(i)ri(h)bus(i) con(j)fra(iv/hij)ctus.(i) (:)
    San(j)ctus(i) as(h)si(i)stat(h_) spi(h)ri(h)tus(g) a(h) tu(f)a(e;)
    se(h)de(g) de(h)mis(fe)sus.(f)

    9.(::) Glo(h)ri(hg)a(fh) De(h)o(ef) sit(e) ae(d)ter(f)no(g) Pa(f)tri,(e) (;)
    Sit(h) ti(h)bi(i) sem(i)per(h) ge(i)ni(h)to(i)ris(j) na(iv/hij)te:(i) (:)
    Cum(j) quo(i) ae(h)qua(i)lis(h_) Spi(h)ri(h)tus(g) per(h) cun(f)cta,(e;)
    Sae(h)cu(g)la(h) re(fe)gnat.(f) (::)

    A(fgf)men.(ef) (::)
    Thanked by 1CHGiffen
  • MatthewRoth
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    It's also in the Liber Hymnarius with a different melody. However, I don't like Lentini's modifications.

    I presume that the mode would be transposed mode II?
  • tomjaw
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    A version using the music for the article in the NLM is here,
    The society have also set the variant text Aures ad notras.
    Thanked by 1CHGiffen
  • CGM
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    There's a nice three-voice setting by Victoria in the Lindusky Tricinia Sacra.
  • On a mailing list I subscribe to, this very hymn was sent out a few minutes ago!

    Ad Preces Nostras Deitatis {English translation}