Prayer, fasting and almsgiving.
  • canadashcanadash
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    Can you share what you are doing to make your Lent more meaningful this year? TY.
  • One of the biggest things we need to recover is fasting consistently (daily, really) throughout the season and not consuming meat at all. This used to be normative and is, at least in the U.S., utterly lost (outside of trad parishes).
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    I'm not going wholesale fasting and abstinence everyday as trentonjconn suggests, although I agree that should be what everyone should strive for. I'll be doing that multiple days per week. wife had our first baby this past November, and for this Lent, I'm simply looking to regain a little bit of time devoted to the spiritual life, that I have lost since then due to caring for a baby. Now that I/we are used to having a baby around, although I know I will have to be flexible so as to be a good parent, and a good husband and father, nonetheless I am looking to immerse myself back into the Liturgy for this sacred time of the year, primarily by means of recitation/singing of at least 1-2 hours of the Office per day, and occasionally by attending Mass.
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    I will start with the extras,
    1. Read the commentary from the Liturgical Year each day with my family
    2. Produce new editions of all the hymns used in the Instruments of the Passion offices

    We will abstain as a family on the traditional days in England, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I will also fast on the days I am not cycling 20+ miles to work and back!
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    I was raised not to discuss personal ascetic practice, but in case anyone finds it helpful, I will share my longstanding custom of a lectio divina of the Gospels in Lent:

    PS: a prayer before reading:

    O Lord my God, as I ponder your holy Word, I ask you in your kindness to fill me with the knowledge of your will so that, pleasing you in all things, I may grow in every good work. I ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.
  • The last few years, I’ve made it a point to go to Confession at least once during Lent. I also read the daily Mass readings for the entire season (and try to continue that through the Easter season, too) because the readings at Mass for both seasons are so beautiful.
  • The last few years, I’ve made it a point to go to Confession at least once during Lent.