Bach BWV 1001 Fugue : transcription by Koerber for Keyboard : (also engraving trick!)
  • francis
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    So here is my transcription of Bach's fugue from BWV1001 (originally for violin). I first heard this by Julian Bream. I really like his interpretation, and stole a lot of his ideas and put it into my rendition for keyboard.

    This performance is far from perfect as I only worked on this the last few days.. there are rushed passages here and there and a couple of wrong notes, but you get the idea...


    There were some engravers of old who used to horizontally squeeze the score so that it took up less paper, less page turns, and read easier especially fast moving passages. I do this by exporting from Sib and then doing the squeeze with Indesign. I am including the score for your enjoyment. Let me know if you perform it!