Chant Intensive filling up
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    Only about 20 spots left. This course is going to change lives and parishes forever!
  • Will there be a schedule posted soon for this? (I have relatives in the area and am wondering if there is going to be time outside of the class to get together with them during the week). I don't want to make any plans that would conflict with any part of the course...
  • AOZ
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    Schedule being finalized and should be up by end of the week. But it will be something like this: Monday, 1-5. Tues - Thurs - 9-12, 1-5. Fri, 9-12, with a Mass at 2:00pm. One or two of the evenings will have optional sessions.
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    I am so excited about this.

    (I know, that's irrelevant, i just wanted to throw it in...)

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  • Me too!