Mass and Vespers
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    Ok, this just came in. 2000 pages so beware. 1958 publication of Solesmes, very rare. It is called Mass and Vespers, a sort of hyper-LiberU, with completel English translations for propers and readings and everything. A masterwork that surpasses anything ever printed in the history of chant - my view.

    William Mahrt donated it for scanning

    not posted yet. Need to bookmark etc.
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    This is WONDERFUL!!!
  • What a treasure! Thank you, Prof. Mahrt.
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    Marvelous! Deo gratias!
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    uploading a draft now. will be there tomorrow. download it now while you can. will be a bit before it is bookmarked.
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    It is here but, again, not prepped with bookmarks
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    . . .

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    This is worth to be published. I would buy "Mass and Vesper" if I have to buy either M&V (2288 pages) or Liber Usualis (2340 pages). Thank you, Dr. Mahrt!
  • This is a terrific book. For most people this would indeed be a better buy that the Liber Usualis. There's also an abbreviated French version, Paroissien Romain No. 904, which is likewise scarce.
  • Ok this is uploaded and bookmarked. Sorry so late. X-treme procrastination!
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    THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!!!!!

    Gregorian chant is also here:
    Free Gregorian chant scores and Mp3 videos (training by monks of Triors)