Looking: Something to Sing About: A Book of Original Hymns, 1967
  • I am trying to locate a copy (in any form) of a book, "Something to Sing About: A Book of Original Hymns", 1967, which was produced by the Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet, Albany Province. Long story, but it's for a research project I've been working on concerning the development of hymnody stemming from the Second Vatican Council to the present. If anyone has a copy they can give me, sell to me, or loan to me, I'd be most grateful. Thanks much.
  • Felicia
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    WorldCat shows that Mount Saint Mary's University, Los Angeles has a copy. I don't know whether MSMU would make it available through interlibrary loan, but there's no harm in asking.


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  • No one seems to be willing to loan what was basically an insignificant (in most eyes) publication of the late 60's. So my friends, if anyone has a copy lying around, or knows someone who does, I could use your help! thanks