Director of Sacred Music Job Posting, Ragley Louisiana
  • Director of Sacred Music
    Position Summary

    This part-time position provides for the creation, organization, and execution of the parish sacred music program.

    Essential Functions:

    The Director of Sacred Music plans and executes the sacred music of the parish, which includes the following:

    Ensures, under the supervision of the pastor, that liturgical music, in its content and execution, conforms to the guidelines presented in applicable liturgical law and other ecclesiastical guidelines.

    Is responsible for acquiring, training, and scheduling cantors and musicians for all celebrations. The Pastor’s goal is to have a choir at one Mass organized by Director, other Masses will have cantors and accompanist.

    Prepares and submits a budget annually to the pastor and finance committee for review.

    Leads rehearsals for the choir, cantors, and associated musicians.

    Maintains communication with the pastor and other musicians

    Leads the process to select music for all liturgies according to the wishes of the pastor and guidelines of the Church.

    Responsible for on-going education in liturgy and music. This includes for themselves and others.

    Responsible for obtaining and maintaining necessary copyrights for liturgical music.

    Assist preparing worship aids or booklets if necessary.

    Expected Qualities and Qualifications:

    Proficiency in playing the organ and/or piano, as attested to by formal credentials and a personal performance audition.

    Working knowledge of other instruments, which might be used in the parish's sacred music.

    Demonstrated skill as an effective choral conductor.

    Knowledge of the Church's liturgical and musical tradition and current legislation.

    Interest/ability in Gregorian Chant (Latin and/or English)

    Ability to work independently to organize and arrange priorities.

    Ability to schedule and produce work in a timely manner.

    Ability to take initiative and be self-motivated.

    High level of discretion and integrity.

    Knowledge of the Catholic Faith and be a practicing/participating Catholic in good standing with the Church.

    Responsibility for continued personal, spiritual and professional growth.

    Ability to work cooperatively and communicate effectively in a diverse community environment.

    Excellent written and oral skills.

    For more details or to submit a CV, please contact the pastor, Fr. Jeffrey Starkovich, at
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