Favorite Eucharistic Hymn Texts: Hive-mind go!
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    Hi Friends,
    Earlier today a dear friend (and fellow forum member) and I were discussing hymns that were appropriate for communion, and that got me wondering about collating a list of everyone's favorite eucharistic hymn texts (along with melody pairings, if desired) that we think everyone should know about. While there are many hymns that are commonly sung (some of which, I daresay, we wish we could escape!) I have no doubt that some of you know of some hidden gems as well, and I'd love to know what they are. I use worship aids at my parish, so it is very easy for me to slip new things in, hence my query. As you'll see below, I have already used quite a few different texts, and generally they are quite well received.

    Please post titles (if they are commonly known) or even links to hymnary.org or elsewhere if that's easier. I'd love to just list some favorites before we (inevitably) dive in to discussing the merits (or lack thereof) of individual hymns, although I'm happy for that discussion to happen as well.

    Hymns that came up this morning were:

    • Soul of My Savior
    • Shepherd of Souls, Refresh and Bless
    • Lord, Who at Thy First Eucharist
    • Draw Near and Take the Body of The Lord
    • You Satisfy the Hungry Heart
    • Take and Eat
    • I Am the Bread of Life
    • Let all Mortal Flesh Keep Silent
    • O Saving Victim / O Salutaris Hostia
    • Godhead Here in Hiding (Adoro Te)
    • O Sacrament Most Holy ("Oh Jesus We Adore You")
    • Psalm 63 "My Soul is Thirsting"
    • Psalm 34 "Taste and See the Goodness of the Lord"

    To these I'll add one that we are doing this very weekend which is directly related to the Gospel, "https://hymnary.org/text/there_is_a_gift_of_wondrous_price" (that I'm pairing with ST. COLUMBA) whose text is:
    There is a Gift of wondrous price,
    God has within His keeping;
    but we forget this goodly Pearl,
    while earthly treasures heaping.

    Oh, seek this Pearl, this precious Pearl,
    For It can never perish!
    The Word of God makes known Its worth,
    and bids us own and cherish.

    The gems of earth soon fail to charm,
    they satisfy no yearning—
    then let us prize this Gift of God,
    Its value rare discerning. [Refrain]

    For having This, the Pearl of Price,
    Its pure delight possessing,
    our souls enjoy an endless peace,
    and God’s eternal blessing! [Refrain]


    Here are many other texts that I've used in the past, although do bear in mind that they may require a little editing (leaving certain verses out, etc.) depending on the source. Anything you see listed below I restored original language, and occasionally even made selective edits such as capitalizing any proper titles of our Lord, ("Bread of Heaven" rather than "bread of heaven") etc.

    Jesu, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts
    How Shall I Sing that Majesty (great at communion paired with Tallis' Third Mode Melody — and for that matter, another great text is 'I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say' to the same tune)
    Approach, My Soul, The Mercy Seat (a great alternative to the text of 'Amazing Grace' and can be sung to the same tune!)
    Deck Thyself, My Soul With Gladness
    When All Thy Mercies, O My God (this can be paired with a number of tunes)
    Arise, My Soul, Arise (paired to LOVE UNKNOWN)
    Thee We Adore, O Hidden Saviour, Thee (trope of Adoro Te; I've paired this with WOODLANDS although others would work, of course)
    • Hail, True Victim [Ave Vivens Hostia] (I've paired this with 'Ecce Panis' from the end of the Corpus Christi sequence and it worked well)
    Sweet Sacrament ("Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All")
    Wondrous Love that Cannot Falter (I've paired this with IRBY to great success, although I'm sure some people would be loathe to take my lead on that!)
    Lord, Enthroned in Heavenly Splendor (I've done this to LAUDA ANIMA on festal days)
    My God and Is Thy Table Spread? (I've done this to a few tunes, including O WALY WALY which makes a nice offertory hymn, or you can pair it nicely with Conditor Alme Siderum)
    • Luke Massery's The Lord Hath Opened Heaven's Gate which is a trope of the Offertory Antiphon for Corpus Christi. (We did this to Conditor Alme Siderum as well.)
    Now, My Tongue, the Myst'ry Telling (Pange Lingua trope)

    There are more... I'll have to keep combing through my archives later. This is a good start, at any rate!
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    While some of these may be off the beaten path for some, I fondly remember singing these many times in my life... I just wish some of these were more common in other hymnals. (And no, I did not just break open my copy of the Hymnal 1982!!!!) And yes, some of these have to be edited and thr texts amended slightly to account for some occasional protestant theology... that said:

    O Food to Prilgrims Given (O Welt Ich Muss Dich Lassen)
    Lord, Enthroned in Heavenly Splendour (Bryn Calfaria)
    Father, We Thank Thee (Rendez à Dieu)
    Here, O My Lord, I See Thee Face to Face (Nyack)
    O God Unseen, Yet Ever Near (Tallis Third Mode)
    Soul, Adorn Thyself With Gladness (Schmüke Dich)
    Completed, Lord, the Holy Mysteries (Song 4)
    Lord, Jesus Christ, You Have Prepared (Du Lebensbrot, Herr Jesu Christ)
    An Aweful Mystery is Here (St. Crispin)
    Jesus Priceless Treasure (Jesu, Meine Freude)
    Invited Lord, By Boundless Grace (Das walt' Gott Vater)
    Lord, Jesus Christ, Thou Living Bread (Herr, Wie du willst)
    I Come, O Savior, to Thy Table (Ich Sterbe Täglich)

    This being all besides our beautiful chanted hymns of the church!
  • Sacris Solemniis.

    Also, Pange Lingua, Verbum Supernum, and Adoro Te Devote.

    Aquinas' greatest hits.
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    I'm also attaching my own text "In Thy True Presence Here" (this particular tune is more of a recessional hymn, but I've also paired the text with other melodies).

  • "And now, O Father, mindful of the love" (UNDE ET MEMORES)
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    My favorite Eucharistic hymns are:

    Sweet Sacrament Divine
    Jesus, My Lord, My God, My All
    In This Sacrament, Sweet Jesus
    My Soul Doth Long for Thee
    Jesus, Thou Art Coming
    Adoro Te, O Panis Coelice (Louvain)
    O Lord, I Am Not Worthy
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    Chiefly, psalms and scriptural canticles of praise and thanksgiving for God's presence among, sustaining of, and gifts to, his people. The Magnificat is the exemplar of this.
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    The section of Communion hymns in the 1940 is quite good, although some texts might have to be moved around or added to, given the Protestant revisions—particularly with translations of and omissions from Aquinas.
  • 1940, no. 210 -
    Schmueke dich -
    'Deck thyself, my soul, with gladness'

    The English Hymnal, - no. 319 -
    Bryn Calfaria -
    'Lord, Enthroned in Heavenly Splendour'

    Anyone who would like a priceless setting of Francis of Assisi's 'Hymn of Creation'?
    1940, no. 307 -
    Assisi - (it flows just like plain chant and is best sung unaccompanied)
    'Most High, Omnipotent Good Lord'
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    With All the Pow'rs
  • ServiamScores
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    Weirdly, it didn’t come up from within hymnary’s own search, but Google found it, and I’m in complete agreement: it’s stunning.

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    Of all time for me…

    Anima Christi

    Very close second…

    Golden Arrow

    (Jesus directly requested this text for reparation)
  • Bri
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    francis, I'm not familiar with Golden Arrow.

    Can you share the music or information about where I might be able to find this?
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    I'm with Bri-- while I know the Golden Arrow as a prayer, I'm unfamiliar of any poetic adaptation into a hymn text. I'd love to know more.
  • Iesu Dulcis Amor Meus
    Jesus my Lord, my God, my all
    All the Corpus christi Liturgical Hymns (office and Sequence)
    (in spanish) Oh Buen Jesus
    (in spanish) Himno a Cristo Eterno Sacerdote
    Anima Christi
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    Speaking of Anima Christi—we’ve had great luck doing the Marco Frisina version as a refrained-hymn during communion. People LOVE it. Even people who don’t normally care much about Latin. For some reason, that particular version strikes the perfect chord with people.
  • while I know the Golden Arrow as a prayer, I'm unfamiliar of any poetic adaptation into a hymn text. I'd love to know more.

    I'm guessing you're not gonna love it.
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    One of my favorite hymns is Adoro Te Devote, and I LOVE J. M. Neale's translation Humbly I Adore Thee (see Hymnal 1982). I consider it one of the most perfect Latin-to-English translations, and didn't think it could ever be improved.

    Until about two years ago when I ran across Kathy Pluth's translation, which - while it doesn't have the beloved air of familiarity to recommend it - is, perhaps, an even better translation.

    I don't have ready access to it, but perhaps she will post it in the replies below.
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    Does anyone know of a translation of Anima Christi that might work with the Frisna melody so that the verses could be English with the refrain in Latin?
  • I agree heartily with Adam concerning the 1940 translation of Adoro Te.
    Less known, though, and quite worthy is the translation by G.M. Hopkins. While it lacks the masterly flow and imagery of the 1940, it is perhaps more literal. It's a shame that we seem always to have to choose between unimpeachable poetic grace and clumsy literality.
  • That’s rather an oversimplification, M Jackson Osborn. The 1940 version, while poetically admirable, drops multiple verses from the original by Aquinas and some of the translations of phrases like “latens Deitas” and “vere latitas” are debatable.
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  • It is indeed unfortunate that some stanzas are lacking in the 1940. I have seen (I don't remember where - maybe the companion to the 1940) a complete version of the 1940 which has all the gracious language and flow of the same.
  • From TH1982:
    "Come, risen Lord"
    "Come with us, O blessed Jesus"
    "Lord, dismiss us"
    "Fairest Lord Jesus"
    "Now thank we all our God" (softly and at slow tempo)
    "Humbly I adore Thee"
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  • A nice list, cesarfranck - though I've never cared much for Sicilian Mariners. Too, I've never imagined or heared Nun danket as you describe it but I can see it as being very thoughtful and effective.
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  • Yes the missing verses of "Humbly" in the 1940 companion are:

    3)On the Cross lay hidden but thy Deity.
    Here, too, is concealed thy Humanity;
    But in both believing and confessing, Lord,
    Ask I what the dying thief of thee implored.

    4) Thy dread wounds, like Thomas, though I cannot see,
    His be my confession, Lord and God, of thee.
    Lord, my faith unfeigned evermore increase;
    Give me hope unfailing, love that cannot cease.

    6) Pelican of mercy, Jesu, Lord and God,
    Cleanse me, wretched sinner, in thy precious Blood;
    Blood, whereof one drop for human kind outpoured,
    Might from all transgression have the world restored
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    With devotion I adore
    You, O God concealed;
    Hidden under figures here,
    yet by faith revealed.
    Even prayer is silent now.
    All my heart bows low.
    Deepest truth is present here,
    More than minds can know.

    Seeing, touching, tasting You–
    Senses can deceive.
    Hearing is the path of faith
    This shall I believe.
    Jesus said it; I believe.
    True His words must be:
    God the Son, the Word of truth,
    must speak truthfully.

    On the cross You only hid
    Your divinity.
    Here You also have concealed
    Your humanity.
    Yet I still believe in both,
    and this faith I say,
    And the prayer the good thief prayed,
    this I also pray.

    Thomas saw Your wounded hands
    And your wounded side
    Even though I do not see
    I am satisfied
    Jesus Christ, my Lord, my God,
    Gladly I adore.
    Make me trust you, hope in you,
    Love you more and more.

    O memorial of the death
    of my living Lord,
    Living Bread whose saving health
    Human life restored.
    Let me find my life in You,
    Ever-living food.
    Let me ever taste of You,
    Knowing You are good.

    Pelican, so full of love,
    Jesus, gracious Lord,
    Wash me, cleanse me of my sins
    in Your blood outpoured.
    All the sins in all the world
    that have ever been–
    Just one drop is blood enough:
    all may be made clean.

    Jesus, hidden from my eyes,
    Bring me to that place
    Where your saints in endless joy
    See you face to face.
    How I long to gaze on you
    Through eternity.
    Blest are they who trust in you
    And your glory see. Amen.