Full Time Director of Sacred Music - St. Peter's Parish in Kansas City, MO
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    St. Peter's Catholic Parish in Kansas City, Missouri is seeking a new Director of Sacred Music.

    You can find the job description here: St. Peter's Director of Sacred Music

    The job posting is accompanied by a letter from our current director as well as a video recording of the choir's recent Corpus Christi concert (which should demonstrate what the Parish is capable of). I encourage you to take a look at both!

    In brief, we are seeking a skilled and passionate director of sacred music to lead us in providing right worship to God and a reverent and inspiring liturgical experience for our parishioners. We believe a beautiful and reverent Mass is among the greatest evangelical tools we can use as we seek to bring our parish, neighborhood, nation and world to Christ. We hope for a director with the capacity and devotedness to assist us in doing so.

    Please feel free to reach out to me directly should you have any questions.

    Will Nulton
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