Director of Music, St. Sebastian, Akron OH.
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    My boss is retiring:

    The official job posting doesn't describe the position very well, and I think this could be a great job. I've got the incumbent's permission to post it here.

    Here's what's happening now:
    It's a big, busy parish. There's the vigil Mass, 9AM choral Mass, 11AM Praise and Worship, and a 1PM TLM (at least until Sept. as Bp. Malesic attempts to navigate Traditiones Custodes) The latter 2 are subcontracted currently. I'd call the musical culture middle of the road; some great music is being done, but I wouldn't really call it a Reform of the Reform parish. Large choir for the 9AM (was ca. 60 before COVID). Pastor plays a little organ (and a mean button box), and had invited in the TLM community when their parish was closed and they needed a home (our TLMs are done by outside priests, mostly Benedictines). There's a concert series, and 2 different school liturgies to oversee.

    Physical plant: Late-50s church-shaped church with resonant acoustics, recently refinished (Floors, pews, etc.). Organ:

    Lynn Frey-Steward's contact info is on the "Music Ministries" page, and all questions should be directed to her personally, or to Fr. Valencheck.

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    Whew. For a second, I thought you were retiring, Jeff.
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    I might be retired, soon enough, thanks to our Holy Father. If so, I'll find something else useful to do.
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