From the Consilium's own mouth, as it were?
  • Some time back ( and I can't find the thread, but I know it exists) I claimed that Archbishop Annibale Bugnini had asserted that the Mass was anthropocentric because it saw man, not God, as the addressee.

    Here's the simplest quotation to illustrate the point:

    Chapter 16: Translations

    [in my edition, it's pp 236-237]

    The document [on translations] was thus published under the aegis of the Consilium [Bugnini's group]in French, on January 25, 1969, with the title 'Instruction on the translation of liturgical texts for celebrations with a congregation' [....] General principles <[...]/i>The addressee of the text.The language used must be accessible to the majority of the faithful, including children and uneducated folk. It must not, however, be 'common' in the bad sense but must be beyond blame from the literary standpoint.