St. Anselm: "a lamb in meekness, a lion in courage"
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    Curious if there's music anywhere for the following bits of Anselm of Canterbury's office:

    Matins/Office of Readings resp. Hic est Anselmus
    Mag. antiphon: Anselmus mansuetudine agnus

    Found at this page (an excerpt from Gueranger's "Liturgical Year".

    The Magnificat antiphon isn't in the 1934 monastic antiphonal, nor the 2007 (I don't own these and am relying on online scans, so I may have missed things). The 1983 Ordo Cantus Officii just says "not yet published." Does it just... not exist? What's Gueranger's source for the text, then?

  • DCM,

    If you have already upgraded St. Anselm to a 1st class feast -- which it sounds as if you have with the Magnificat antiphon being something other than O Doctor Optime-- you're probably looking at a Proper Office, so one of our English contributors will be most likely to have what you're trying to find.