Fauxbourdon Responsorial Psalms
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    CCWatershed has some lovely settings of psalms by Sam Schmidt, but there are many missing Sundays. Anyone know where I can find a complete collection of those? (I don't know if Sam is on this forum - if so, please PM me!) Are there other collections out there are good sources to start building my own set? I've used them to great effect during the solemn seasons, and they have been one of the highlights of our Easter Vigil!

    Thanks so much.

    Daniel K.
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    This is Sam Schmitt.

    I've written a number of Sunday psalms in the same style that are not on the Chabanel website. Let me know which ones you would like and I can send them to you. (I also sent you a message.)
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    Great settings!!
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    And thanks for your kind words, Daniel.

    I have done many of the remaining psalms as I have sung them myself most Sundays. The complete set is mapped out with most of the antiphons written - I just have to carve out the time to write them up!
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    Mr. Schmitt, God bless you for this excellent work.
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    I have been using these every Sunday with my schola! Thank you Sam for sharing your work!
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    Sam, care to share these psalms week-by-week on this thread or another new one with a more specific title? We all appreciate the great work you've done!
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    I took the liberty of creating my own engraving of one of these so that I may use them with my choir and parish.

    In addition, I determined that I would need to write a slightly simplified antiphon to use at my parish, as we do not print worship aids and this would be the first psalm used for regular Sunday Mass that does not follow my predecessor's incessant need for every OCP and Alstott.....

    I would love to see more of yours if they are not already available on the Chabanel website..

    As I make scores for my choir, I would also be happy to send them along (with additional copyright information if you would prefer me to do so)!

    EDIT: I'm having trouble attaching the document. If you could send me a message with your email, I would be happy to pass my engraving along...
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    Bombarde, I've discovered that two things can trip up the system and prevent proper uploads: file names that are too long and sometimes special characters. Check for both of those things. Sometimes shortening a file name is enough for it to stick.
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    Special characters include spaces!
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    Thanks, Richard Mix. Let see if this works.

    Most of my psalms are already up at the Chabanel Psalms website, which covers close to 80% of the total for Sundays and feasts (about 110 on the wesbite plus an additional 20 that have not been posted). This leaves about 35 to complete the cycle.

    For now I plan to wite up the missing psalms for the rest of this liturgical year (Year A) and post them here as I complete them. The other missing psalms are for:
    Easter 5 and 7
    Pentecost Vigil
    Corpus Christi
    Ordinary Time 17, 18, 24, 25, 31
    St. Peter and Paul Vigil
    Holy Cross

    Here's Corpus Christi (A):
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    Sam, thank you so very much!! My new ensemble almost invariably chooses your settings when I present them as an option. Left up to us, we use yours or Theodore Marier nearly 100% of the time.

    St. Rita of Cascia, New Orleans

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    Here are Easter 5 A and Easter 7 A.
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