Happy Easter
  • 36 hrs from now, I'll happily accept your generous wishes.
  • tomjaw
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    We have just sung Tenebrae so we are a little closer...
  • Jeffrey Quick
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    And likewise to you, should we live that long. So far, Holy Week has been as "happy" as such an observance can be, for me.
  • Tom,

    You're just further round the orb than I am!
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  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Happy and Blessed Easter to all.
  • Somewhere around here I have an ancient book of meditations
    which says, on Holy Saturday, already the Easter bells are ringing in the distance, but it is good for us to remain here by this tomb for yet a little while.

    Remaining by this tomb I reflect on the Holy Week liturgy so far, and the flood of riches it offers, showing us that even expiring our Lord continued to give us all things good (His example, His death, even His own blessed mother)
    So I find myself recounting all the blessings in my own life, and all ye here at CMAA are certainly numbered there. I wish for you a joyful Easter season of peace and hope.
  • vansensei
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    A blessed Easter to you all as well. I will be back in a musical role somehow next Easter, hopefully.
  • Carol
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    All you who are working very hard to make the Triduum and Easter beautiful and spiritual for the PIPs, thank you!
  • Kathy
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    Happy Easter! Christ is risen!
  • ServiamScores
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    A blessed Easter to all! (And good night!)
  • The Lord is Risen! Alleluia.

    He is Risen indeed! Alleluia.
  • francis
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    Not working today! Alleluia! Christ is Risen!
    Meet me for a toast!
  • Carol
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    Sang three times in the last 24 hours. Now home polishing my halo, LOL.
  • It is a happy Easter. So much of what I asked my choir to do (I've been in the post since January) they've risen to do.

    Today, inter alia, we attempted the Sicut Cervus Rick Wheeler edited, for two voices, and altered it slightly: I had been planning to have a duet of two ladies, but one got cold feet, so I sang the second part and the two ladies sang the first part. It went well, if not perfectly.

    Yesterday, my son's fiancee (they're getting married next month) was received into the Church, in another parish, in another state.


    Polish yours: mine is still on back order. It's due to arrive when I'm holy.
  • ServiamScores
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    I am taking almost this whole week off, and I’m going to be shortening my days next week too. I’m particularly exhausted this year. As it happened, I had to help with our Spanish masses this Lent, which was new for me (and I don’t speak Spanish) so that added additional strain. We had a lenten talk series that included adoration for which I was asked to play (adoro te, tantum ergo, and Holy God we praise Thy name). Then there was normal choir rehearsal on Wednesday, and I had to be rehearsing with the Spanish choir on Friday evenings. So when it was all said and done, I was working my normal 40 hours, PLUS being gone every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday night, for all of Lenf. Then a semi-professional choir I sing in was called upon to do some large events including the installation mass of a new catholic college president and then Chrism mass at the cathedral… (and these events take place in the métropolitain area which necessitates anywhere from a 25-35 minute drive for me to even get to.) So, I’m just absolutely exhausted. (I also have a 7yo and a 2.5yo, and #3 is due in June…) I felt like I was nearly on the verge of a nervous breakdown. I assembled a mega choir packet which included all the music for Palm Sunday through Easter Morning, and it was 131 pages, about 124 of which was music. Then I realized that I was NOT crazy, and it’s time to take a few days off…
  • Christ is risen! Christos anesti! Khristos voskres!
  • francis
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    Does anyone drink to thine eyes anymore?? Meet me at the bar already!
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  • CharlesW
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    As some of our Eastern priests have been known to say, "Christ is risen and I'm dead." The workload this time of year can be crushing.
  • CatholicZ09
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    Our former music director used to say, "Christ has exited the tomb so that I may enter" after the last Mass on Easter Sunday. ;)