Anima Christi video
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    Hello CMAA-ers!

    I had a wonderful time at the Colloquium last week. A very exciting part of the week for me was getting to hear everyone sing my setting of the "Anima Christi." My friend Janet videotaped this, and though I can't figure out how to make a link, you can cut and paste the address from here:

    Thank you all for singing this, and for everyone's kind comments.

    God bless!

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    Thank you for posting it. It's very beautiful! (I know many people were talking about it after the session.)
    What a gift to hear Heavenly music that nobody heard before, and bring it to share with us. I'm sure your prayer has been answered. I'll be looking forward to hear more next year from you, Julianna.
    And I thank you to all the composers for their beautiful music at the Colloquium.